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  • Utah Political Lessons

    Partisans fail to accept that we are each molded by the culture of our times.
      Passionate partisans in Utah are firmly convinced that the other side is made up of, as one White House cabinet member is rumored to have stated, "morons."
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  • Worst Deal-Maker Ever

      Wayward as some with a pedestal might act, they are part of our family we call America.
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  • Q&A With Rico Plautz

    Local philanthropist and musician tells his story.
      Rico Plautz went from Army brat, to computer programmer, to mobile data developer, to extraordinary philanthropist, playing in rock bands all along the way.
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  • Nazi News!

      Many millennials don't know shit about the "Greatest Generation" of Americans who gave everything to defeat Nazi evil.
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  • Work of Art

    Local artist Flossie Kehr reflects on life in Utah.
      Her secret to keeping a smile on her face? She never talks about religion or politics.
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  • What Climate Change?

    Looks like it’ll cost taxpayers a heck of a lot more than any war in Iraq.
      In my last piece, I channeled Karl Rove's historical report that America always recovers. He pointed to history's example that we often are in this boat, but eventually loyal Americans come together...
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  • Military Service to Coffee Service

    Q&A with Retired Army Officer Carl Churchill
      Retired Army officer Carl Churchill is no longer in uniform, but he and his wife, Lori, now serve in a different way at their Cottonwood Heights café, Alpha Coffee, at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.
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  • Better Times Ahead

    I asked a GOP friend who follows Trump on Twitter how he thinks he's doing. "Are you kidding me?" he responded.
      I know, based on our history, that all of this craziness will pass—across America and here in Utah
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  • Changing Our Culture

    Members of the LDS community represent a disproportionately large percentage of the world’s repairers.
      I recently met with several fellow members of the LDS/Jewish Dialog Luncheon group.
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  • Social Media in Salt Lake

    For me, it all started quite innocently as a volunteer job at the American Red Cross...
      My immediate family members avoid interacting on social media the way some farmers avoid city people.
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Military Service to Coffee Service Military Service to Coffee Service Q&A with Retired Army Officer Carl Churchill July 19, 2017

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