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  • Dream Team

    Fantasy is changing the way Americans follow sports, but is it for the better?
      As Benny Santiago steps to the plate, the 50,247 fans at Dodger Stadium first get quiet and then start screaming for Guillermo Mota to throw a goddamn strike. Mota, the Dodgers’ wiry middle reliever, has just walked two straight batters to load...
  • BIG Man on Campus

    Basketball genius, faithful son, media darling, insufferable jerk, who is the real Rick Majerus?
      Rick Majerus doesn’t remember the date his father died of a heart attack. It was one day in December, Majerus says, in 1987.He does, however, vividly recall his phone ringing in the middle of the night, some six years later, with a tearful May...
  • The Phony War

    The newspaper war isn’t between the Deseret News and the Tribune but between major dailies and smaller papers.
      Rumor has it, Jay Shelledy recently threw one hell of a hissy fit. Every morning for the past month, the editor of The Salt Lake Tribune has had to walk past a brightly colored sign announcing his competitor’s switch to morning publication....
  • Lost Cause

    Sudanese orphans hope the United States intervenes in their homeland’s 18-year civil war.
      Augustino Dut Kuol saw the dust and smoke on the horizon. Confused, the boy asked his father what had caused it. “He said, ‘Maybe it’s the Arabs burning houses,’” Augustino says. “He said that in two days, you will...
  • Fragged

    How the Trib scandal mixed ethics with newsroom politics—and brought down the editor.
      Jay Shelledy was still holding court. Only a few hours removed from writing his farewell column and handing his resignation to publisher Dean Singleton, the very recently former editor of The Salt Lake Tribune was perched at the table of his eastside...
  • Arch Rivals

    Utah members lead a revolt against the Sierra Club for putting politics ahead of the environment.
      Patrick Diehl still hasn’t gotten around to replacing his front door. Pieces of plywood cover the holes kicked in the door three summers ago by neighbors upset with Diehl’s environmental activism. He jokes that it’s a kind of shrine...
  • Why Salt Lake?

    With a low cost of living and cheap housing, this is the place for war refugees.
      When Kamal Bewar arrived in Salt Lake City in the early 1990s, the Kurdish community consisted of himself and six or seven other single men who got off the plane with him. Alone and struggling to learn English, he found it hard to adjust to his new, strange...
  • The Exile Files

    The diverse backgrounds -- and futures-- of Utah’s war refugees
      Kon Garang Akok towers over the second and fifth graders peppering him with questions. They want to know the tall, thin Sudanese man’s favorite African animal, if anybody in his family died and if there are any white people in Africa. “Did...
  • Marxist Utahpia

    And you thought it was dead. Marxism is alive and well at the University of Utah.
      When Al Campbell was drafted, he couldn’t afford the one-way trip to Canada. Instead, he told the Army he was a Marxist and that he would continue to actively organize opposition to the Vietnam War. He wasn’t lying, but they took him anyway,...
  • No Tomorrow

    Many of Utah’s Bosnians don’t see a future in Europe or away from the bacon factory.
      The coffeeshops are full again in the summer of 2001, and vacationers from Chicago, Toronto and Sydney eat ice cream at outdoor tables. On the streets, some of which used to be sniper alleys, old friends bump into each other. They talk about their families...


Marxist Utahpia And you thought it was dead. Marxism is alive and well at the University of Utah. June 11, 2007

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