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  • Insult to Injury

    A former intern alleges the Workers Compensation Fund pits counselors against injured workers.
      Jim Fox gave the finger to workers’ comp some 45 years ago, and they paid for his first car. No joke. Working in a restaurant as a teen, Fox chopped off his right middle finger and put the workers’ comp benefits toward some new wheels. Ever...
  • Good Day, Sir

    Utah’s newspaper monopoly sparks an antitrust inquiry by refusing a “competitor’s” ad.
      Exoro Group political consultant and sucker for all that’s news LaVarr Webb once believed the business he toiled in for 20 years was about disseminating information, not censoring it.That was until a couple months ago, when Webb approached Newspaper...
  • Blotter Fodder

      2/7/06, 1000 hours, Rolling Stolen, 1000 W. North Temple St.“An officer was leaving the 7-11 [sic] at this location and observed a car pull into the parking lot,” Salt Lake City police reported. “The car drew his attention and he ran...
  • Smokin’ Deal

      05/13/06, 16:24, Unattended Child, 1818 S. 300 West Costco“The father left the 6-year-old son in the locked vehicle and went into Costco to shop. The complainant saw the child in the car as he was entering Costco. When the complainant left, he...
  • Blotter Fodder

      You, Sir, Are No Evel Knievelnn09/01/06, 21:33, Motorcycle Accident, 960 S. Jefferson St.nn“The victim had just left the Port O’ Call [a downtown bar] and was riding his motorcycle southbound on West Temple. He was being followed by a friend....
  • Chestnuts, Literally

    Ten can’t-miss gift ideas for the eccentrics on your list.
      Isn’t it fun to paint?There’s a great scene in writer/director/star Jon Favreau’s 2001 comedic romp, Made, where two blundering wannabe wise guys (Favreau and real life buddy Vince Vaughn) take a sweetheart daughter-type to a DIY pottery...
  • Dressing the Part

      It’s well known that serial killers fancy dress-up. John Wayne Gacy moonlighted as a clown, and Ted Bundy lured some of his victims by posing as a cop. Ski masks suffice for bank robbers and terrorists, but those with a bit more flair will go for...
  • Blotter Fodder

      D-D-Did I Stutter?08/10/06, 11:49, Robbery/Arctic Circle, 135 E. 900 South“A male Hispanic adult, 35 years old, dark complexion, shaved head, wearing a dark blue T-shirt, blue jacket, Levis and gloves, carrying a dark blue backpack, approached the...
  • Tokin’ Victory

    A guilty-as-sin stoner beats the rap, but the sheriff won’t discuss the one that got away.
      May 2004, Doug Woods packed up his 1982 Volkswagen Vanagon and, with his trusty pooch Sadie riding shotgun, headed home to Boulder, Colo. He’d spent the previous six months with friends and family in Fremont, Calif., after his mother succumbed to...
  • Thank Heaven

      04/09/06, 22:18, Vandalism/Assault/Assault on Police Officer, 1353 W. Indiana Ave./790 S. 900 West “[The 22-year-old male suspect] entered the 7-Eleven on Indiana Ave. and knocked over displays and generally messed up the store. He fled before...


Dell on Earth One geek’s Totally Awesome rise, and the heinously evil Satan worshipers trying to take him down. August 04, 2006

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