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  • FILM NEWS: MAR. 14-20

    New This Week, Special Screenings, and Current Realeases
      She's a powerful, resilient role model in a movie that wrestles unsuccessfully with the tension between basic humanity and cosmic laserblasts.
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  • Re-Animated

    Ruben Brandt, Collector offers a surreal reminder of the potential for animation.
      It simply feels as though we've self-selected ourselves into a restrictive box of Disney/Pixar, DreamWorks and Blue Sky.
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  • Artists First

    Urban Arts Gallery lets the creative spirit guide their exhibit themes.
      Urban Arts Gallery, however, looks at things from a slightly different perspective. They want artists' creative impulses to dictate themes, rather than vice-versa.
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  • FILM NEWS: MAR. 7-13

    New This Week, Special Screenings, and Current Realeases
      But while the narrative rarely lingers on mere cultural anthropology, it winds up too immersed in gangland drama clichés instead of giving Rapayet a distinctive personality, with escalating vendettas leading to widespread bloodshed.
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  • Review: Captain Marvel

    An attempt to bring humanity to a cosmic-level hero falls short
      What’s left in Captain Marvel is a story that offers a powerful, resilient heroic role model, and that’s nothing to dismiss lightly.
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  • FILM NEWS: FEB. 28- MAR.5

    New This Week, Special Screenings, and Current Realeases
      The archival material includes never-before-seen official footage, covering preparations for liftoff as the world watches, the voyage to the moon, and the landing and return.
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  • Stalk Characters

    Greta can't generate the menace of vintage stalker thrillers.
      The latter involved tales of obsessive, disturbed characters and the terrified objects of those obsessions, piggybacking off the pop-culture phenomenon that was Fatal Attraction.
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