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  • Lorna's Silence
  • Lorna's Silence

    Guilt Tripper: Turning the toxicity of guilt into compelling drama.
  • Powerball Wizard?

    Utah entrepeneurs hope to unlock the secret of cheap hydrogen energy. Will anyone buy it?
      Powerball International doesn’t have anything to do with that grand multi-state lottery that makes dukes out of dropouts. But if it did, it might make sense. After all, Powerball International says it’s mining for a jackpot that, if it hits,...
  • The Hidden Workers

    Immigrant workers keep Utah’s economy humming. No one really wants to know if they are documented.
      Javier smiles as he tries to pronounce the words. A co-worker has been trying to teach him to say the all-too-hip phrase, “What’s up?” But to Javier, it just doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t help that his teacher has gradually...
  • You Know That

    Afghan cuisine and its local creators put a new spin on the Middle Eastern warzone.
      Syed Aslami has silver hair that stands high and seems like it may have threatened to abandon him at one time in his life. While he speaks, he points his finger up in the air and accents every word with the movement of his hand. He has a lot to say, and...
  • Rent and Rave

    Worries about snowfall have been replaced by typical ski shop topics: the Olympics and the newest in board and ski innovation.
      Jim Honolka pretty well has it all figured out. He frames houses during the summer. Every day he packs his tools, pounds nails and fights the sweltering sun. It’s hard work, but Honolka doesn’t mind. “Unfortunately,” he says with...
  • Partying With the Athletes

      At about midnight on Feb. 15, Michal Handzus sat on the floor of the special guest loft at the Last Lap club with a bottle of Budweiser in his hand. He had a look on his face which was neither bored nor excited.Truth is, like a lot of athletes hanging...
  • 2002 Summer Guide: Singing the ’Blues’

    Umpiring’s a thankless job, but somebody’s gotta do it.
      Put yourself behind the catcher for a second. Under the hot late afternoon sun, a putrid smell has begun emanating from underneath your heavy pads. With a clicker in your hand, a couple of official game balls strapped to your hip, you squat down behind...
  • Citizen Dean

    Will the Tribune’s new publisher make independent ink or create holy stink?
      When Michael Roberts, a reporter for Denver’s alternative weekly Westword, began his profile of William Dean Singleton more than a year ago, he described a plaque Singleton had on his desk in Denver. It was the “Creed of a Christian”...
  • Sense of Direction

    Sam Mendes spins another competent script into gold in Road to Perdition.
      As an encore to his Oscar-winning debut as director of American Beauty, Sam Mendes sought out the comforts of the familiar. He looked for a story about a father’s quest for redemption. He brought along gifted collaborators like cinematographer Conrad...
  • Labor Pains

    A Salt Lake Union Looks to Latinos to Stay Alive
      In what looked like a classroom with walls covered in chalkboards, on the upper floor of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ new multi-million dollar training facility, Luis Anica appeared uncomfortable and restless as he tried to relax in a folding...


Powerball Wizard? Utah entrepeneurs hope to unlock the secret of cheap hydrogen energy. Will anyone buy it? June 11, 2007

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