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  • Lorna's Silence
  • Lorna's Silence

    Guilt Tripper: Turning the toxicity of guilt into compelling drama.
  • Powerball Wizard?

    Utah entrepeneurs hope to unlock the secret of cheap hydrogen energy. Will anyone buy it?
    • Powerball International doesn’t have anything to do with that grand multi-state lottery that makes dukes out of dropouts. But if it did, it might make sense. After all, Powerball International says it’s mining for a jackpot that, if it hits,...
  • Citizen Dean

    Will the Tribune’s new publisher make independent ink or create holy stink?
    • When Michael Roberts, a reporter for Denver’s alternative weekly Westword, began his profile of William Dean Singleton more than a year ago, he described a plaque Singleton had on his desk in Denver. It was the “Creed of a Christian”...
  • Quotes

    Utah leaders chew on 10 years of City Weekly and reflect on the taste.
    • Some shudder, some shrug, some shamefully smile and some just shake their heads. As a passive way of courting validation and entertaining ourselves, we asked local luminaries to ponder a simple question: What do you think of City Weekly?Mark Shurtleff,...
  • Sense of Direction

    Sam Mendes spins another competent script into gold in Road to Perdition.
    • As an encore to his Oscar-winning debut as director of American Beauty, Sam Mendes sought out the comforts of the familiar. He looked for a story about a father’s quest for redemption. He brought along gifted collaborators like cinematographer Conrad...
  • Feeding Frenzy

    Why Elizabeth Smart Became a Household Name
    • It had been a week since 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart’s disappearance reached headlines around the world. Like pretty much everyone else in the country, Milwaukee journalist Annysa Johnson had heard the news. And like many parents, she felt a nauseous...
  • 2002 Summer Guide: Singing the ’Blues’

    Umpiring’s a thankless job, but somebody’s gotta do it.
    • Put yourself behind the catcher for a second. Under the hot late afternoon sun, a putrid smell has begun emanating from underneath your heavy pads. With a clicker in your hand, a couple of official game balls strapped to your hip, you squat down behind...
  • Do the Right Wing

    A new crop of black Utah politicians beat a path to conservatism.
    • In any electoral contest, it’s gratifying for a candidate to learn that his opponents are worried about him. James Evans’ ego must have experienced an adrenaline shot recently. A few months have passed since Evans threw his hat in as a challenger...
  • Radio Revolucion

    Spanish-language news radio makes waves in the Latino community
    • With a short stout figure, baseball cap, blue jeans and a jacket, Angelo Mena’s appearance didn’t make him stand out from the rest of the crowd. He is Latino, but with Utah’s Hispanic population growing as fast as it is, that’s...
  • Partying With the Athletes

    • At about midnight on Feb. 15, Michal Handzus sat on the floor of the special guest loft at the Last Lap club with a bottle of Budweiser in his hand. He had a look on his face which was neither bored nor excited.Truth is, like a lot of athletes hanging...


The Hidden Workers Immigrant workers keep Utah’s economy humming. No one really wants to know if they are documented. July 27, 2000

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