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  • Doing God’s Drinking

    SLAC’s Joy of Going Somewhere Definite finds its direction from the divine.
      Just like a new kid in town who wants to be popular, a new or obscure play sometimes resorts to name-dropping to get attention. Without sophisticated-sounding awards or quoted critic quips to prop up a play, saying you know or are in with the cool, established...
  • Arts & Entertainment - Silly Sextet Shorts

      Blame it on TV. Blame it on fast-food restaurants. But don’t look to David Ives’ Mere Mortals as a cause for the American culture’s short attention span and shallow consumerism. Instead, Mere Mortals delivers what American audiences...
  • Forever Voyeur

    A gang of Little Rascals perpetuated the Olympic scandal while monkeys looked on.
      “I wanna besmirched by you,” is the song “Sweetcheeks Utah” chirps while she learns how to really impress members of the International Olympic Committee. Oblivious to the whorish nature of her little song and dance, this hopelessly...
  • Summer Stock

    Utah’s in and outdoor theaters serve up all kinds of fixings for the summer.
      Bug spray, a blanket, a picnic basket and paper plates are all things you can use at a barbecue. But as June continues bustin’ out all over, you may find items that need to be added to your barbecue checklist as amenities for seeing summer theater...
  • Running Wilde

    Oscar Wilde’s three trials get uncharacteristically tense treatment.
      The past, present and future are but one moment in the sight of God. Time and space are merely accidental conditions of thought. The imagination can transcend them. It’s this quote from Oscar Wilde’s “De Profundis” that allows...
  • Justifying the Means

    Plan-B’s Masada argues Zionism’s extremes.
      The moment you see the lecture hall setting and a giant Star of David looming in the background, you know that Plan-B Theatre Company’s Masada is not a show that allows worries and cares to disappear. In fact, by the time Masada is over, you feel...
  • Arts & Entertainment - Repackaged Goods

      Something old, something new, something borrowed—enough to make you blue. This dressed-up sentiment fits two Salt Lake City productions to a T, especially when you consider that Crazy For You and the female version of The Odd Couple weds previously...
  • Arts & Entertainment - Politically Incorrect Press

      We’d like to think that American society has become more enlightened through the years. We’ve all gone through diversity and gender-sensitivity workshops, and political correctness has forced us all to censor ourselves, since researchers have...


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