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  • Forever Voyeur

    A gang of Little Rascals perpetuated the Olympic scandal while monkeys looked on.
    • “I wanna besmirched by you,” is the song “Sweetcheeks Utah” chirps while she learns how to really impress members of the International Olympic Committee. Oblivious to the whorish nature of her little song and dance, this hopelessly...
  • Sound-Bite Shakespeare

    Satirizing the Bard’s Compleat Works.
    • If Shakespeare were still alive today, he’d be raking in the royalties as richest playwright in the world. And if his works weren’t in the public domain, you’d bet his agents would be the first to sue the Reduced Shakespeare Company...
  • The Phantom Strikes Back

    Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mammoth production haunts Salt Lake City for a second time.
    • Just like snow globes, mini-spoons and Hard Rock Cafe merchandise, tourists collect performances of The Phantom of the Opera. Although there are still some who haven’t seen the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical juggernaut from the Reagan-Thatcher era,...
  • Summer Stock

    Utah’s in and outdoor theaters serve up all kinds of fixings for the summer.
    • Bug spray, a blanket, a picnic basket and paper plates are all things you can use at a barbecue. But as June continues bustin’ out all over, you may find items that need to be added to your barbecue checklist as amenities for seeing summer theater...
  • Cliche as Kansas

    Familiarity is South Pacific’s best ally, and its worst enemy.
    • By the time the encapsulated moral of the musical in “You’ve Got to be Carefully Taught” springs forth in Act II of South Pacific, you are clued into the brilliance of composers and lyricists Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein. Not...
  • Made-for-TV Mother

    A big screen won’t save what was meant for stage.
    • If people didn’t catch a first-run film in theaters during the early ’80s, you would often hear them say, “Well, I’ll just wait a couple of years for it to be shown on TV.” That was, of course, before the proliferation of...
  • Running Wilde

    Oscar Wilde’s three trials get uncharacteristically tense treatment.
    • The past, present and future are but one moment in the sight of God. Time and space are merely accidental conditions of thought. The imagination can transcend them. It’s this quote from Oscar Wilde’s “De Profundis” that allows...
  • Reclusive Exclusive

    Emily Dickinson comes back to life as the hostess with the agoraphobic neurosis.
    • “Cleverly orchestrated” would be the exact words to describe The Belle of Amherst. From the play itself to all efforts that have gone into the current Salt Lake City production, everything feels orchestrated to achieve an assortment of ulterior...
  • Justifying the Means

    Plan-B’s Masada argues Zionism’s extremes.
    • The moment you see the lecture hall setting and a giant Star of David looming in the background, you know that Plan-B Theatre Company’s Masada is not a show that allows worries and cares to disappear. In fact, by the time Masada is over, you feel...
  • Film Musical Makeovers

    Victor, Victoria gets reconstructive surgery for the stage.
    • A woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman in 1930s Paris. That was the simple premise for Victor, Victoria, the Academy Award-winning 1982 film musical that starred Julie Andrews and was directed by her husband Blake Edwards (of Pink Panther...


Forever Voyeur A gang of Little Rascals perpetuated the Olympic scandal while monkeys looked on. July 15, 1999

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