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  • Horoscopes for APR. 11-17

    Some Similarities
      It's the end of one era and the beginning of another; a changing of the guard and a passing of the torch.
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    Spongy Stuff
      The same word was formerly used to refer to a person who is quick to light up or to something that stimulates liveliness.
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    Magnificent Puppet
      Here's the whole truth: Now isn't a favorable time to start work on a magnificent puppet. But it is a perfect moment to launch the rough beginnings of a project that's well-suited for your unique talents.
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    Place Yourself
      Your willingness to change your mind won't be a mark of weakness but rather a sign of strength.
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  • Horoscopes for Mar. 14-20

    Red Planet
      As you plan your own big project, Pisces, I recommend you emulate the Mangalyaan rather than the MAVEN.
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  • Horoscopes for Feb. 21-27

    Dangerous Animals
      If I were going to create a map of the frontier you're now headed for, Pisces, I would fill it with mythic beasts of a more benevolent variety
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  • Horoscopes for Feb. 14-20

    Astrological Omens
      In my opinion, you have a mandate to tap into what's freshest and most unstillable about you—and then cultivate it
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