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  • Sex Lake City

    All across Utah, people are celebrating sex positivity and getting an education—as well as their kink on.
      On a quiet street inside an undisclosed house, a group of Mormon men are about to get naked and have sex with one another.
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  • LDS Confessions

    A new Facebook page has been getting a lot of attention by people who want to share their often-horrific church stories.
      How many do you think just wanted to block those experiences out? But now they have a way to tell their story to people.
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  • Dying and Living in Utah

    Death is a topic most avoid talking or thinking about. But some locals are trying to change that.
      When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 84, she decided against chemotherapy, which could have extended her life but would have left her feeling miserable—a cure perhaps worse than the disease.
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  • Condiments with a Side of Condoms

    Braxton Dutson wants to achieve one thing: immortality.
      The clock is ticking. He grabs a 16-ounce plastic bottle of yellow WinCo mustard, throws his head back, opens his mouth wide and makes like a human shot glass, chugging the thick condiment down as fast as he can, his Adam's apple rolling with each gulp.
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  • House Hunting

    The five most expensive houses in Utah all have one thing in common: dead animals.
      Apparently there's an unwritten law among Utah's uber-rich that if you own a house worth zillions, then you absolutely must have the head of a dead animal mounted on one of your walls.
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  • The Cannabis Issue

    Examining the hurdles Utah has to jump through to clear the way for medical cannabis.
      Doc started smoking marijuana when he was 13 years old, around when a physician diagnosed him with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
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  • Pride Issue 2018

      The most fabulous issue of the year is here.
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Condiments with a Side of Condoms Condiments with a Side of Condoms Braxton Dutson wants to achieve one thing: immortality. September 12, 2018

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