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  • Satan's Satyrs

    Metal/garage-rock purveyors Satan's Satyrs dream big
      Between the weed consumed, the horror movies watched, the graveyard hangouts and—most importantly—the music heard, summer 2009 was a generous, joyful time for a 16-year-old Clayton Burgess.
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  • Enslaved

    Chameleonic metal outfit Enslaved prove the lasting power of teenage kicks
      Sometimes, opportunity literally falls from the sky—or if not the sky, then at least from a decent height off some stage somewhere. Case in point: the beginnings of Enslaved.
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  • Doomtree

    For Mike Mictlan and indie hip-hop outfit Doomtree, all together means going all in
      One day in sixth grade, Michael Marquez came home from school with his future figured out. Inspired at least partially by an older brother who was "one of the best DJs you've ever heard that you've never heard of," he says ...
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  • Los Rakas

    Los Rakas' culture-coalescing, unity-championing hip-hop is now a decade deep
      For two videos released by the same group a mere five months apart, the clips for Los Rakas' "Sueño Americano" and "We Dem Rakaz (Hola)" can't get more tonally dissimilar.
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  • Hanni El Khatib

    For Hanni El Khatib's reckless, disheveled rock & roll, imagery is everything
      There has long been more to music than music. As long as music-related illustrations, photography and film will be distributable en masse, visual music culture will remain intertwined with the aural. Images shape sound, and vice versa.
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  • Disco Doom

    Disco Doom's rock continues to chase its own calling.
      It can’t be easy to launch—and, more importantly, maintain—a band in a city that has zero interest in your type of music, but Gabriele De Mario and Anita Rufer somehow pulled it off.
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  • Together Pangea

    L.A. band's rock & roll rises with a disorderly, disillusioned roar
      In today’s terrain of MP3s, M4As, FLACs and other digitized audio formats, the album cover just doesn’t possess the aesthetic power or punch it once had. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t fine pieces of cover art rolling out today.
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  • Reggie & the Full Effect

    Synth-pop returns to the lighter side
      On, artists, entrepreneurs and others aiming to rake in strangers’ cash begin their crowd-funding campaigns with videos outlining what they’re trying to raise money for. Said clips usually show the project creators as endearing, chummy and occasionally obsequious folks; since Joe Internet is more likely to shell out money to a sweetheart than an asshole, this technique is key.
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  • Sarah Jaffe

    Sarah Jaffe rises, with big dreams and good company in tow
      Kids adore humungous, dramatic, generally impractical career aspirations, and Sarah Jaffe was no exception. She once wanted to be a professional basketball player
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  • Radkey

    Garage-punk up-and-comers place their bets on brotherhood
      Every cause needs an enemy, an antithesis that justifies why said cause is worth following in the first place. Radkey, a trio from St. Joseph, Mo., have found and named their antagonist.
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Together Pangea Together Pangea L.A. band's rock & roll rises with a disorderly, disillusioned roar February 20, 2014

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