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  • Block the Vote

    Conservatives try to make voting a privilege
      Utah lawmakers aren’t trendy. They’re rarely progressive at anything—except when it comes to regressive legislation. But with voter ID, the conservatives running Utah’s Capitol Hill were positively avant-garde.
  • Creating a Martyr

    KSL should've just let The New Normal get canceled
      All KSL bosses had to do was wait. The New Normal is not Will & Grace. NBC’s show about a gay couple, their quirky gestational surrogate and her homophobic grandma, played to batty excess by Ellen Barkin, has none of the charm and breaks none of the ground the 1998 sitcom did.
  • Rich Mitt

    Romney-Reid scuffle highlights Mormon's uncomfortable relationship with wealth
      For Utahns, Mormons specifically, the weeks-long debate over Mitt Romney’s taxes had a back story. Because Mormons have a love-hate relationship with wealth.
  • Women's Work

    Utah's gender-based pay gap
      The joke is on Utah girls. Fed a fairy tale about motherhood from the time we’re handed our first Baby Alives and Easy-Bake Ovens ...
  • Becker: Finding the Green Connection
  • Becker: Finding the Green Connection

    The mayor's quiet policy-making has turned his eco-friendly dreams into reality
      Becker was front and center when the oil pipeline burst in Red Butte Canyon, spewing 55,000 gallons of raw crude into the creek and Liberty Park's pond in June and December of 2010.
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  • Deadly Delay
  • Deadly Delay

    WVC Police bungled the Susan Powell mystery
      Chuck and Judy Cox have been giving West Valley City Police the benefit of the doubt for two years.
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  • Bill Wright vs. Sex Ed
  • Bill Wright vs. Sex Ed

    HB363 would leave kids in the dark
      Anti-sex-education crusader Bill Wright would have loved me. In seventh grade, I was just like the tiny blond granddaughter the Republican legislator from Holden hauled up to Capitol Hill ...
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