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      My panda bear would be named “Ping-Pong.” When I was 5, we were living in Washington, D.C., and the National Zoo had just opened the Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing panda bear exhibit. Needless to say, I bought in to those two cuddle bears, hook, line and bamboo shoots.
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  • Cheap Shot | City of Burgerly Love: Dad wants to eat at Apollo

      Each year, I can’t help but feel slighted when my parents put out the Jacobsen Family Christmas newsletter. “Phil is happy his sister is a dentist,” my list of accomplishments began this year, “Because this means he gets free...
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  • Cheap Shot | The Taste of Fame: Friends of Vanocur eat at Baxter’s.

      I must say I have a certain kinship to Ed Grimley. Played by Martin Short on Saturday Night Live in the ‘80s, Ed Grimley danced and pranced about jumping on furniture opining about what would happen if one day he could meet his idol—Pat Sajak.n“Like,...
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  • Cheap Shot | Tanks Very Much: It’s a gas, gas, gas at Camp VIP

      Insane with the propane, insane in the brain, I’m cooking with fire now, and it’s a gas. Really, it is a gas. It’s propane. For my birthday, I got a four-burner 60,000 BTU grill and now I am like a backyard Emeril. Bam! Give me meat,...
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  • Cheap Shot | The Super Supper: The Super Krod meets El Super Taco

      “This is a job for Super Krod,” Lisa said as she handed me her beer. My friends know that I am a superhero, so it’s time I share the news with you. This probably comes as little surprise. Spiderman, for instance, took photos for a newspaper....
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