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  • Hipster Brews

    These beers set themselves apart in style and looks.
      I found a couple of serious hipster beers this week. They're obnoxious to look at but sweet at heart.
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  • I'd Love to, but Decant

    This beer-serving method is a unique Utah creation.
      But for those of us who require a more measured approach to our days and evenings out, we require a little more thought into our alcohol choices.
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  • Berry Delicious

    Beer and berries make for a timeless combo.
      Here are some nice examples of berry-forward ales that are contemporary without ignoring tradition.
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  • Attitude Readjustments

    Two beers that bring hints of spring.
      I guess this week's selections represent those cravings.
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  • On the Level

    South Salt Lake prepares to host its newest brewery.
      One of those up-and-comers, and likely the next place to open, is South Salt Lake's Level Crossing Brewing Co.
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  • The Feather and the Hammer

    Two fruit beers employ different approaches.
      This week, I present two ales that are, respectively, weighty and feathery light in their approaches.
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  • Worlds Apart

    Two very different beers that seem like a strangely perfect pairing.
      They seemed like the perfect combo to present this week. Maybe you'll get the same ghostly yearning I did. Enjoy!
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  • I.P.-Yea!

    New meets sorta-new with these fresh IPAs.
      Luckily, two new IPAs were awaiting me on my first day back.
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  • Don't Fear the Dark Side

    Embrace these inviting brown and black beers.
      "How can you drink that motor oil shit?" Granted, they had never tried this particular beer
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  • Opposites Attract

    How to pump up the flavor by drinking different varieties of beer.
      This week's selections aren't nearly that simple, but the differences between these two new beers are guaranteed to bring out the best in both of them.
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Hipster Brews Hipster Brews These beers set themselves apart in style and looks. March 20, 2019
A Fruitful Discussion A Fruitful Discussion Passion fruit vs. orange make for two very different beers. April 04, 2018
Utah's New Brewery Preview Utah's New Brewery Preview The Beehive's beer renaissance continues to shine. October 31, 2018

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