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  • Pot for a Prophet

    It's time for Utah to wake up and smell the cannabis.
      During the past month, the church—through its permanently retained legal counsel—has entered into yet another round of the fray, swinging with gloves off for all it's worth.
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  • Two Funerals

    America lost a true national hero.
      When I heard that Sen. John McCain had passed away, I got all choked up, and unlike the inevitable future passing of our five-time draft-dodger president, there was plenty to mourn.
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  • Silver Lining Inventions

      As the world welcomed in the 1900s, Italian Guglielmo Marconi successfully sent the first transoceanic radio transmission message.
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  • Where Is the Love? 

      Mia Love, for all her lofty rhetoric, is but another of the swamp creatures who are thriving in Washington's murky depths.
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  • The Sump Trummit

      Luckily, Americans aren't totally in the dark about The Donald's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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  • Pandemonium

    Commander-in-chief keeps lowering the bar.
      While his mini-ninnies huddle beneath the White House tables like a Midwest clan awaiting the touchdown of an EF5 tornado, the storm of President Donald Trump's verbal and behavioral abortions continues to wreak havoc in the civilized world.
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  • American Terrorist

      We have a terrorist organization operating in the United States.
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  • On Religious Discrimination

      It wasn't long ago that English kings, among others, were God's own anointed protectors of the faith, assuming the roles of political leader and religious pontiff combined.
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  • Shooting the Watchdog

      Utahns should be shaking in their boots, but instead, they're forcing their heads deeper into the sand.
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  • Mormons and Pot

      Despite Mormonism's claims that its prophets talk with God, its recent history portrays a rather bleak record for getting on the right side of political issues.
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Two Funerals Two Funerals America lost a true national hero. September 05, 2018
Shooting the Watchdog Shooting the Watchdog June 06, 2018
American Terrorist American Terrorist June 27, 2018
Silver Lining Inventions Silver Lining Inventions August 23, 2018
Pot for a Prophet Pot for a Prophet It's time for Utah to wake up and smell the cannabis. September 12, 2018
Mormons and Pot Mormons and Pot April 25, 2018

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