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  • The Fright Stuff

    Tales of the scary movie moments our critics will never forget.
      I doubt that I have ever jumped so high, so fast, in a manner that probably looked like a cartoon character.
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  • Kangaroo Court

    The Children Actkeeps bouncing from one idea to the next.
      It's not even exactly a story about a troubled marriage, though it does feature the always marvelous Stanley Tucci walking out on his wife—the case's work-obsessed judge, Fiona Maye (Emma Thompson)—because she emotionally walked out of the marriage years ago.
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  • Drew Crime

    A Simple Favor offers the simple pleasures of a cozy mystery.
      Witty, tense and thrilling, Favor is without a doubt the most perfectcinematic version of a "cozy" mystery—the subgenre in which Nancy Drew is an icon—in a long while, maybe ever.
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  • Easy Reader

    Convincing bibliophilia makes up for a lack of conflict in The Bookshop.
      In the 1950s, war widow Florence Green (Emily Mortimer) relocates from London to a conservative seaside English town with plans to open a small bookshop.
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  • Of Monsters and Men

    A woman's point of view gives unique spark to the dark romance of Beast.
      A vulnerable woman. A violent man.
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  • Studio Sessions

    An artist and his subject collide in Final Portrait.
      In 1964 Paris, Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush) invites a friend, American journalist James Lord (Armie Hammer), to sit for a portrait.
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  • That Hits Despot

    The Death of Stalin turns totalitarianism into hilarious dark satire.
      Presenting: Monty Python's production of George Orwell's1984.
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  • Feet of Clay

    Aardman's trademark wit is missing from the trite underdog sports plot of Early Man.
      It breaks my heart to say this because I've been such a huge fan of animator Nick Park, but his latest years-in-the-making claymation opus, Early Man, simply isn'tvery good.
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  • A Lack of the Clones

    The absence of Titanic knockoffs says something about an audience Hollywood doesn't value.
      December 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of what would become one of the most lucrative and most deliriously popular movies ever made:James Cameron's Titanic.
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  • Without a Map

    Lady Bird chronicles the rocky road of female adolescence.
      Herewith the single authentic movie about being a teenaged girl that our male-dominated entertainment sphere begrudgingly allows us.
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Mixed Double Mixed Double Battle of the Sexes captures the stop-start frustration of social progress. September 27, 2017
Off the Shelf It’s early September, so here comes abandoned trash like Underclassman and A Sound of Thunder. June 11, 2007
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Thrillingly intelligent minimalist espionage January 06, 2012
A Lack of the Clones A Lack of the Clones The absence of Titanic knockoffs says something about an audience Hollywood doesn't value. November 29, 2017
Not Negotiable Hostage tries to act like a mature action movie—until it wrecks the vehicle. June 11, 2007
September Mourn On the five-year anniversary, movies address life in post-9/11 New York. June 11, 2007

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