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  • The History & Buzz About Wine

    A brief history of the nectar and our attraction to it.
      Man’s first foray into crafting wine was not inspired by wine’s seductive aromatics, texture, depth of flavor or its resonating taste. It was more likely due to the natural conversion of sugar into alcohol...
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  • How to Decipher Wine Descriptions

    Purple Prose & White Lies: How to unravel the tasting note.
      While “firm, tight and charming” might sound like someone you’d like to shag, those same attributes are used to describe wine in tasting notes.
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  • Wine & Wood

    Get your mind out of the gutter; we’re talking about oak.
      Call me a hopeless romantic, but I find great comfort knowing that Mother Nature provides the raw materials for the production of wine—one of the world’s oldest and most civilized beverages ...
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  • Restaurant Wine Service

    Finding Flaws: Understanding the rituals of restaurant wine service.
      Well-executed restaurant wine service is a filter that deters flawed wines from flowing into guests’ glasses. At times, it may seem pretentious and drawn out...
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  • Absinthe

    Chasing the Green Fairy: Absinthe makes the heart (and head) grow fonder.
      Eventually, the temperance movement, anti-alcohol groups and French winemakers attacked the spirit and attributed insane acts, social problems and crimes to its consumption.
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  • Making (Grape) Love

    Tips for pairing wine and food.
      In every genre of music, the manner in which notes, chords and beats come into synchrony determines the success of a line, stanza or one-hit wonder.
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  • When Wine Works

    Wine pleasure is about more than what's in the glass.
      As a sommelier, I'm frequently confronted with the question: what's your most memorable glass of wine?
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  • Aging Wine

    Wine & Time: Ain’t it funny how wine slips away with time.
      Although slim, healthy and still active, the gray hairs seem to be winning and he frequently gets called “old-timer"...
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  • High West Distillery

    Can Utah’s rye, vodka and liqueur become the next Kentucky bourbon?
      David Perkins, proprietor and distiller at High West Distillery, is fine with that kind of feedback.
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High West Distillery High West Distillery Can Utah’s rye, vodka and liqueur become the next Kentucky bourbon? October 07, 2009

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