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  • Eye on the Rabbi

    Some Salt Lake City Jews found a lesbian rabbi too modern for Orthodox tastes.
      Today is Jacob Grodnik’s bar mitzvah at Congregation Kol Ami, a lofty brown-brick synagogue in Salt Lake County. The 13-year-old boy celebrates manhood by singing in Hebrew from the Torah scrolls for the congregation. Rabbi Tracee Rosen joins the...
  • Write to Reel

    Vowell & Rakoff bring their American Life to Kingsbury Hall.
      He forgot to say, “I’m Ira Glass.” Down-lit from above, seated and surrounded by audio gear, Glass sports Clark Kent-style glasses, a checkered shirt and curly graying hair. He adjusts his headphones, says, “Stand by,” then...
  • System Failure

    Two years after being sexually abused, Laura Sabien wants full justice.
      aura Sabien runs for her health—and for her family. As a self-employed housekeeper and single mom, taking care of three kids keeps her busy. She’s a small and pretty 42, but with a tough look, an air of confidence that suggests she’d...
  • Vegan Revolt

    Crash Culture: A Course in Food, Sex and the Faces of SLC Vegan Youth
      He came to veganism like Malcolm X came to Islam, through incarceration. At 16 years old, Foek (pronounced focus) ran away from home, finding substance abuse and homelessness. After a failed attempt to clean up his life, he landed in jail. While serving...
  • Bipedal Power

    Salt Lake City bicyclists create art and ride through downtown in a critical mass.
      Here’s the spin: Bicycle enthusiasts citywide have come to a common conclusion. It’s time to take Mr. Bike to the gear shop for his annual tune-up in preparation for a glorious season of hopping curbs, dodging SUVs and splitting the skin off...
  • Meth Torn Town

    Methamphetamine, money and mercy in Utah’s second city.
      Ogden makes me want to smoke. It’s a kind of slow-motion suicide, an escape from my parents’ fundamentalist, Mormon life in suburban Shadow Valley: youthful rebellion rolled into slim cigarettes. Growing up there, with my black hair dye, Converse...
  • Raze the Roof Beams

    As downtown gentrifies, the history of low-income housing comes full circle.
      Melvin Hipwell’s dead, says a neighbor, his Apple Fitness-tagged key chain dangling from the lock of Hipwell’s last known residence. He was a crazy, grumpy old man who hated me.But civil rights attorney, Brian Barnard and three long-time...
  • Dining Guide: Five for Under $10

    You don’t have to be a trust-funder to enjoy fine SLC meals
      If you’re poor enough, and hungry enough, to eat your mother’s prize-winning three-foot-long zucchini, don’t do it. You’re better off spending your last 10 bucks on a fabulous meal. Just because you go out doesn’t mean you...
  • Ballot Box Rebellion

    Citizens battle the Legislature over the right to make law.
      Merrill Cook knows a little bit about mudslinging; as a former congressman turned talk-show host, he’s witnessed his fair share. So he knew whereof he spoke recently when he opened Politics Unpeeled, his K-Talk radio show, with some good old-fashioned...


Meth Torn Town Methamphetamine, money and mercy in Utah’s second city. June 11, 2007

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