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  • Clear the Filth

    Budget problems persist because of misplaced priorities. More on the LDS church's presence at the Capitol. Plus, we just can't seem to get enough polygamy.

      We read every day about the piles of garbage at our national parks, but we forget about the piles of garbage in the U.S. Capitol.

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  • Citizen Revolt: Jan. 10

    Learn how you can help fight for fair wages. Advocate for Utah's water supply. Plus, don't forget it's easy to get up to speed with the Legislature.

      You know how politicians say we just can't afford to raise the minimum wage, and it will kill the economy?

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  • Cough, Cough, Choke

    Don't forget, air quality will be a perennial story of the year and with the upcoming legislative session, the subject is ramping up again. Plus, keep an eye on what happens to the citizen initiatives.
      No doubt about it—choke, choke—air quality was, is and will be the biggest story of the year in Utah.
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  • Citizen Revolt: Jan. 3

    It's that time of year again. Gear up for the upcoming legislative session to learn how to lobby, advocate and figure out what the hell is going on, particularly when it comes to medical cannabis.
      If you are among a marginalized community, you might want to learn how to lobby the Legislature effectively.
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  • Citizen Revolt: Dec. 27

    Hear from a leadership panel on clean air. Burn your sorrows from 2018. Plus, gear up for January's womens' marches in Salt Lake and across the country.
      Bad air is everyone's problem and sadly it's one that the Legislature doesn't take seriously enough.
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  • Self-absorbed Mike Lee

    Sen. Mike Lee blocks a public lands bill. A few cities embrace ranked-choice voting. Plus, what's Jason Chaffetz spouting off about now?
      Good grief, Mike Lee. You're just as bad as His Majesty in Chief.
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  • The Neighborly Way

    Neighbors in an east-side neighborhood are experiencing baseless fear. Here's to hoping Rep. Todd Weiler helps the Legacy Highway. Plus, will the Legislature ever stay out of education?
      Since 2016, it has become perfectly clear that Americans need to research fear, and try to understand it.
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  • Citizen Revolt: Dec. 20

    Give blood this holiday season and help feed the homeless on Christmas. Plus, learn life-saving techniques to help those experiencing drug overdoses.
      Christmas isn't just a time for cheer—it's also a time for hope. You can be part of that hope in the run-up to the holidays.
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  • Reputation Stained

    What a stain on your reputation gets you in Utah. Mia Love says some interesting things on The View. Plus, Marco Rubio, unlike Chris Stewart, takes a stand for journalists.
      How much is a stain on your reputation worth? Maybe not a whole lot in Utah,
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  • Citizen Revolt: Dec. 13

    Expose some unsightly animal treatment, hear how certain theologies and fables have intertwined to promote racism, and attend a vigil for those who have died on the streets.
      You won't miss out on the gruesome details at the SLC: Forever 21 Protest.
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Clear the Filth Clear the Filth Budget problems persist because of misplaced priorities. More on the LDS church's presence at the Capitol. Plus, we just can't seem to get enough polygamy. January 09, 2019
Gullible Utahns Gullible Utahns Utahns get a dose of fake news; get to know the state's "dirty lobbyist" and the LDS church's fight against medical marijuana. May 23, 2018
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