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  • News: Creature Comfort

    BYU scientists may have dug up a new breed of sauropod.
      The hulking remains of a long-dead reptile lay at the bottom of a dry wash in the desert country north of Moab. It was buried several feet below the soft mud deposits of what used to be a flood plain. The bones lay not far from a local road where Lin...
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  • The Way It Is: Kobe Cohen

      Before the information revolution, writers and thinkers like John Dewey and Albert Einstein not only worked in their fields of study but also weighed in on the political, cultural and social issues of their time. City Weekly asked Kobe Cohen, visiting...
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  • Politics: Teacher, Teacher

    Voucher foes make for strange bedfellows.
      As teachers and public-school advocates rally against the controversial private-school voucher referendum coming up for vote in the Nov. 6 statewide election, another battle is simmering among teachers—or at least between the unions representing...
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  • The Way It Is: Aurelia Watchman

      American Indian art, ritual and culture have long held fascination for non-Native Americans. City Weekly asked Aurelia Watchman, who works at TP Gallery at 252 S. Main, why this was so: I think white Americans are drawn to Indian culture because it...
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  • The Mayor Bunch: Keith Christensen

      Keith Christensen "He wins. We all win." Born Dec. 7, 1950—Sagittarius Divorced, married for second time, two children B.S. in management and finance from BYU, law degree University of Puget Sound Inactive LDS Former two-term Salt Lake...
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  • The Way It Is: Sri Whipple

      While most countries around the world celebrate Labor Day on May 1, the United States chose in 1894 to fix its tribute to the working man three months later in the year. But the Labor Day, or international workers’ day, celebrated by most of the...
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  • The Mayor Bunch: Dave Buhler

      Dave Buhler "Not a crusader." Born July 13, 1957—Cancer Married, five children B.S. in political science from U of U, M.A. in public administration from BYU Adjunct U of U political science professor Active LDS Republican Current Salt...
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  • Under the Radar

    News: Air travel is back to pre-9/11 levels, but air-traffic controllers say their salaries are crashing.
      On any day, at any moment, 7,000 airplanes fill the skies of this country, according to figures from the Federal Aviation Administration. Keeping those planes from colliding in those crowded skies are more than 15,000 air-traffic controllers in the United...
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  • The Way It Is

    Local Talk From Local People
      On a recent visit to Antelope Island, I saw people swimming in the Great Salt Lake like it was the Pacific Ocean. Tourists were floating on their backs in the water, lollygagging in the sun. City Weekly asked Web developer Robert Conner if he had ever...
  • Waste Not

    News: The law catches up with a careless biohazard bandit
      Used syringes, vials of blood, scalpels and latex gloves littered the pavement at the base of a Dumpster behind a West Valley City Albertsons. The cover of the container was flipped open. Inside sat 75 pounds of infectious waste, wrapped in red plastic...
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