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  • Yewell’s Log

    Yewell’s Quarter Column On Virtuous Politicians, Poor News Judgment and Credibility Called Into Question
      Is it time to give up on honesty in politics? Call me Pollyanna, but I think not, and I’m going out on a limb and say James Evans will prove it.The District 1 Senator-elect’s victory in the last election was tainted, some believe, by a last-minute...
  • Fraud Squad

      Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on the LDS Church. That was the message in the report last week that LDS Church members are easy marks for con artists.According to U.S. Attorney for Utah Paul Warner, LDS Church leaders shy away from...
  • Sacre Bleu

      It is time for another spasm of anti-French propaganda in the American press, stemming from French opposition to war with Iraq. We act as if the French position is the mindless reaction of a wild-eyed, lefty anti-American government. But French President...
  • The Fog of Taxes

      The preoccupation with war in the last month has shifted attention away from domestic issues, but in the last few days, with the occupation of Iraq entering a new phase, the pendulum has begun to swing back. And as critical as the situation remains in...
  • Carpetbaggers

      Experienced politicians always have one eye peeled for the Law of Unintended Consequences. Like good courtroom lawyers, they don’t ask questions they don’t know the answers to in advance, and they don’t take shots at their opponents...
  • Move a Few Chairs

      I didn’t mean to do it. I must have tried that one on my parents a hundred times. Didn’t work then, doesn’t even work now—and when it comes to public officials, it should never work. Salt Lake County Council members Joe Hatch...
  • A Sense of Place

      Journalists are gypsies by nature. To get good stories, we have to be peripatetic, willing to go anywhere, talk to anyone. Too often, we serve hard time in far-flung places, straining our personal relationships and eating rotten, unfamiliar food. We do...
  • Greased Palms

      The songwriting career of Sen. Orrin Hatch will not likely land him a spot on American Idol anytime soon. But that’s OK, because demand for his CDs is growing—at least among lobbyists with whom he has done business.On Aug. 15, The Wall Street...
  • The Sin of Hubris

      News item: Lobbyists spent $85,000 entertaining legislators in 2002. News item: Legislators draft laws in secret to avoid input from constituents. News item: Republican leaders rebuke party members for endorsing Democrats.Welcome to the one-party state.Lawmakers...
  • Fertile Ground

      Fertile GroundFeb. 26, 2003, is a date former state Rep. Brent Parker will wish, for the rest of his life, that he had gone home and straight to bed. That night, close to midnight, Parker was busted for allegedly soliciting a police officer posing as...


Greased Palms June 11, 2007

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