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  • The Year's Best Fiction
  • The Year's Best Fiction

    A good novel will merry up anyone's holiday.
      Not long ago, publishing's wise old heads bet we would be so preoccupied with defibrillating the American dream at the polls in 2008 we wouldn't have time to dream in fiction. And they were right.
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  • The Frozen Chosen

    Michael Chabon gives pulp mystery a spiritual spin in The Yiddish Policemen’s Union.
      Three years ago, Michael Chabon delivered a knock on the chin of literary readers who turned up their noses at mysteries, thrillers and the like. “In spite of the continuing disdain or neglect in which most of the ‘non-literary’ genres are...
  • Mysterious Sources

    Donald Revell’s poetry hides and reveals in equal measure in Pennyweight Windows.
      template_imageUniversity of Utah professor Donald Revell grew up in the Bronx, where beauty lurks like a fugitive on the lam. As a result, he didn’t encounter anything remotely lovely until he went to church, where he was seduced by the language...
  • Poetic Justice

    Camille Paglia turns her critical eye from feminism to poetry.
      The Hubba-Bubba pink cover art on her new book notwithstanding, Camille Paglia is courting a lower profile these days. “Oscar Wilde was a huge influence on me,” says the 58-year-old firebrand on a recent Thursday at the Philadelphia College...
  • National Security

    At the National Book Awards, a moment in the spotlight is a chance to reflect on artistic freedom.
      Politics and art made uneasy bedfellows at New York City’s Marriott Marquis on the evening of Nov. 17, as roughly 1,000 publishers and writers gathered to eat steak, gossip, and award the country’s second-oldest literary prize. Thanks to the...
  • On the Fascist Track

    Philip Roth gives political parable a contemporary edge in The Plot Against America.
      Ten years ago it would have been inconceivable for Philip Roth to publish a novel like The Plot Against America. From My Life as a Man to the blackly comic The Human Stain, Roth made it clear that the sexual and metaphysical politics of a man’s...
  • Global Warning

    Two new books make the case for an environment under attack.
      In this summer’s blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow, Mother Nature throws her biggest temper tantrum yet. Melting polar icecaps cause a shift in the transatlantic current, leading to hail storms, flashfloods and all kinds of weather nastiness. In...
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

    Gabriel Garcia Marquez pays tribute to his writing roots in Living to Tell the Tale.
      When he was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer four years ago, Gabriel Garcia Marquez gamely declared to the world the disease was an “enormous stroke of luck,” since it forced him to finally write his memoirs. Living to Tell the Tale is the...

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