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  • Refugee Clout

      During a discussion of the Islamist State group dilemma, Almeida floated the nucleus of an idea that I've since expanded.
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  • Trumped Up

    Donald Trump's candidacy is the political equivalent of professional wrestling
      The Donald Trump presidential candidacy just keeps getting more fascinating.
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  • Vernal Justice

    Environmental activists have their day in court
      There are good reasons to take a trip to Vernal. Dinosaur bones, for one. Perhaps you have dealings with the Uintah Basin's booming oil & gas industry but don't choose to live where the air can be more toxic than in Salt Lake City or Los Angeles.
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  • City Scams

    Avoiding a citation is harder than it should be
      “You can’t fight city hall.” That’s how a 19th-century bit of wisdom goes. Not one to allow some old proverb to stand in my way, I’ve been giving it a try and am pleased to report that it’s simply not true.
  • Returned "missionary" Tim DeChristopher

    Activist returns from jail more devoted to cause
      As I move into my 63rd year on this spherical space rock, I’m becoming ever more aware that humans—the bottom-dwelling, technologically enabled, pinnacle predators in this planet’s air ocean—aren’t as different from one another as certain artificial dividers like political parties, corporate brands, national borders or even religious affiliation would have us believe.
  • Solstice Hope

    Amanda Catano and Jason Dorais' story inspires
      City Weekly writers often document the trials of individuals on society’s fringes. Some are victims. Some are perpetrators. Some are just trying to survive while coloring outside the heavy lines of a dominant culture
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  • Sex Happens

    It's not cheating, it's just nature
      Most Americans were shocked that retired four-star general and CIA Director David Petraeus resigned after admitting to an extramarital affair. Few should be surprised.
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  • 2016: Obama's America

    Nothing scary about right-tilting film
      A handful of my friends are conservatives. I don’t maintain those friendships out of tokenism—these misguided folks possess otherwise marvelous qualities.
  • Sanity Party

    Creating a "national issues only" party
      I really shouldn’t be writing this. I’ve been helping Rocky Anderson compose copy for his presidential campaign under the banner of his newly formed Justice Party.
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  • Jailhouse Rocked

    Enviro activist Tim DeChristopher rides the ups and downs of prison politics
      Peaceful Uprising is celebrating Earth Day by conducting a free, open-to-all, nonviolent political-action training seminar April 21-22.
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All Warm, Some Naked: Utah's Hot Springs All Warm, Some Naked: Utah's Hot Springs Into Hot Water: Utah's love/hate relationship with its natural hot springs. August 25, 2010

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