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  • The Missionary Position

      Doug ButcherGeorgia Atlanta Mission, 1988-1990Salesman, Dave Strong VolkswagennnDid you encounter any hostility on your mission?nI’d carry a hardback Book of Mormon instead of the flimsy paperback ones because they were so much nicer. My companion...
  • Underwater Basketweaving

    Suffering from gray-matter fatigue? Try these classes for a lighter load.
      INTRODUCTION TO MUSICnUniversity of UtahnnTwo ears are the only prerequisite needed to ace this class, taught by professor E. Cheney. Class time consists of listening to music, learning what a note looks like and identifying obscure composers such as...
  • The Missionary Position

      Charlton MillerAdministrative assistant and IT support technician - Australia Melbourne West Mission 2000-2002nnWhat was your most interesting house call? nn“There are too many to count. Once, an older lady cooked us dinner and my companion and...
  • The Missionary Position

    Movies & missions
      Jacob GerlachBrazil Curitiha Mission, 1998-2000Marriott Hotel banquet manager nnDid you participate in any extracurricular activities on your mission?nnOne time, some church members saw my companion and me going to see X-Men. We had our nametags hidden...
  • The Missionary Position

      Oklahoma Tulsa Mission 2001-2003Used-car manager for West Valley Suzuki and University of Utah studentAre you glad you went on your mission?I left for my mission a week after I lost my mom. Six months later, after the shock of my loss had faded, I...
  • The Missionary Position

    Rules were made to be ...
      Siaosi Kioa: Bellman, University Park Marriott Hotel. Served Michigan East Lansing Mission, 2002-2004nnDid you break any rules as a missionary?nnWhen I beat up the mission president’s son, I was sure I would be sent home. While in Detroit, he made...
  • The Missionary Position

      Chris Huggard: Sixth-year Salt Lake Community College student. Served Alabama Birmingham mission, 1998nnDid you ever have a crush on anyone you were proselytizing to?nnThere was one girl. She was hot! I still think about her to this day. Our mission...
  • 5 Spot

    Artist Max Grundy on Sloppy Joes, propoganda and Nirvana
      Artist Max Grundy is a Salt Lake City native who received his MFA from BYU. He currently resides in Los Angeles. His work can be seen at the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll this Friday, June 16, as part of the Rictus-Mortar exhibit at The Unknown Gallery, 353...


The Missionary Position August 10, 2006

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