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  • The Old Dutch Store

    Build up an extra layer this winter by indulging in hearty sandwiches and soups
      In the Netherlands, there's an old folk belief that a layer of fat around your heart keeps you warm and happy throughout the winter.
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  • Siam Noodle Bar

    Hospital food just got a lot better
      Rare is the day that anyone enjoys a trip to the hospital. But now there's a good reason to visit the hospital—specifically, the Intermountain Medical Campus in Murray and its Siam Noodle Bar.
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  • Café Seoul

    From location to location, Café Seoul serves excellent Korean and Japanese dishes
      Tucked among the buildings of the Cedar Park office complex near Interstate 15 and 5300 South lies a cafe on the move. A few years and one owner ago, Café Seoul was located at 4500 South.
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  • Puro Peru

    Sandy eatery dishes up authentic Peruvian cuisine
  • Qaderi Sweetz 'n Spicez

    Far-off flavor on State Street and Redwood Road
      There's nothing like jumping on a plane and heading to a new land. There are new sights, sounds, customs and tastes to explore.
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  • Fiana Bistro

    Working-class gourmet, from scratch and hyper-local
      College memories get better with time. The fun experiences—athletic events, social activities and spontaneous road trips—are what we remember, replacing our memories of stressful project deadlines, final exams and overall anxiety.
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  • Vito's

    Vito Leone's Bountiful eatery is a lesson in excellence
      Often, it’s the simplest things in life that work their way to greatness. Vito Leone started as a Bountiful street vendor in 2007, serving meatball subs, sausage sandwiches and ravioli from a food cart.
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  • Fernando’s Cafe Guanaco

    Disctract yourself with tasty Salvadoran fare from Fernando's
      It may be a rare day when one says, “We should go out for Salvadorian food,” but that could change if you’re stopped at the light at 500 East while driving west on 2700 South.
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  • Pig Out BBQ

    Give in to your stomach at Pig Out BBQ
      I almost drove right by the restaurant at 1700 South and Main, thinking that the sign on the side of the building was a promotion. But it was over a separate door, so I stopped to investigate.
  • El Maestro

    Breakfast at El Maestro is a hidden gem
      A drive on 900 West between 3300 South and 2100 South goes something like this: warehouses, bumpy railroad tracks, more warehouses, trucks, industrial sites ... Wait, is that a little cafe?
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Penny Ann's Cafe Penny Ann's Cafe You'll love the "heavenly" hot cakes March 19, 2013

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