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  • Uptight Gringo Ladies

    Also: Why the bedsheet dresses?
      What I want to know is how come Mexican women are so comfortable with their bodies? What makes white women so uptight?
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  • B to the W to the S-Words

      The three anti-Mexi slurs you used are so 1950s—the only people who use those words nowadays are old gabachos and Alabamans.
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  • Conquests & 9/11

    Also: Is 'Mexican' Offensive?
      Dear Mexican: There’s something I’m concerned about, or bothered by. I was born and raised in Mexico, but I’ve been here for eight years. All the talk about 9/11 is too much
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  • Gardeners With Benefits

    Also: Soccer goats?
      I’ve seen Hot Gardener once since I first wrote you, and HG made it clear he still wants to bang me
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  • Mexis & Metallurgy

    Also: "Illegal" is an English word
      What's up with all the elaborate wrought-iron fences in the Mexican parts of town?
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  • Tu or Usted?

    Also: Not all Gringos alike
      Dear Mexican: I learned Spanish in school as a teen. Then, it seems, because I was young, everybody was an usted.
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  • Latinos of Los Angeles

    Also:Chicano movement
      Dear Mexican: I hear that at the last Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors hearing about redistricting, some lady accused Supervisor Gloria Molina of Reconquista. What is that...
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  • Smokin' Local

    Also: Who covers Latino issues?
      Dear Mexican: I am a half-breed, as they say (Mexican father, Anglo mother), and recently I’ve been reading a lot about the drug violence in Mexico. I’ve become...
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  • Lazy Puerto Rican or Mexican?

    Also: Pigs for winter
      Dear Mexican: I live in upstate New York, and while we have a relatively small Mexican population, we have a large number of Puerto Ricans
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  • Men Waiting For Work

    Also: What's authentic Mexican music?
      Every single day between the hours of 5 a.m. and 12 p.m., there are at least one hundred Mexican men out there waiting to be picked up for work of any kind.
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