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  • Reading Wine Lists & Labels

    How to read wine lists and labels, and getting to know your importers.
      The average consumer takes 60 seconds with a restaurant wine list before making a selection. This particular statistic speaks volumes.
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  • Hopland

    Discovering one of California wine country's shiniest jewels.
      There are no multimillion-dollar tasting rooms in the town of Hopland.
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  • Wine & Aging

    Patience is a Virtue: Looking for the sweet spot as wine waxes and wanes.
      It’s a common phenomenon: We open prized bottles, expecting a prize experience.
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  • Thanksgiving Wines

    Holiday Table Sipping
      Even when surrounded by holiday cheer, tryptophan-induced turkey lethargy and the suppressed rage of extended-family holiday gatherings...
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  • Let Them Eat Fruitcake

    Inspired goodies for people who love food and knives.
      Being a creature of impulse with little self-control, I find it difficult in my line of work to exhibit restraint. (Each week, for example, I am forcibly ejected for sweet-tooth sins from the ice-crea
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  • Wine & Sushi

    This is Your Wine on Acid: Considering acid, fruit and oak, especially with sushi.
      I rolled the wine around my mouth and sure enough, snap...
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  • Don't Be a Sucker

    Tips for tasting truly great Pinot Noir.
      I too am susceptible to peer pressure. I, too, love Pinot Noir...
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  • Champagne Secret

    Sidestepping the big boys for lower-priced, exotic, grower Champagnes.
      The sky went a sullen gray, and then with a crack and a boom and a sky etched with electric thrusts and haywire light, a New York City deluge soaked me to the bone...
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  • Say What?

    Don’t be afraid to say it: Gruner Veltliner
      Just because you can't pronounce it doesn't mean you shouldn't drink it. I am, of course, speaking only about your wine-store sojourns and not any inventory of under-thesink abrasives and chemicals...
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  • Common Scents

    What’s that smell? Wine Aromatics 101
      Aromas stab at that deep, dark part of the brain that tells us we need to eat, sleep, hump and not stick our hand into the flame. Fairness and rationality have nothing to do with it...
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Champagne Secret Sidestepping the big boys for lower-priced, exotic, grower Champagnes. August 12, 2009

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