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  • Summer PC-Buying

    Smart shoppers are stuffing cash under their mattresses until August.
      The computer market has been pretty quiet for the past six months. Aside from Intel pretending to sell processors it can’t deliver, and lots of excitement surrounding wireless technologies that are years away, things have been still. Thanks to...
  • House of Style

    Attractive computers are easier to use, so why are we still on beige boxes?
      Recently, this column examined Microsoft’s and Apple’s next stabs at creating a better user interface through style. Apple is taking the high road with OS X, an interface that Steve Jobs has described as “something you’d want to...
  • Shun the Outdoors

    Summer fun means air conditioning and a copy of the clever MDK2.
      The best games of the year come out in summertime. This must be by accident, because parents buy large amounts of games for their kids at Christmastime—parents don’t usually look at the boxes, so even crap games sell pretty well. Game programmers...
  • The Good Ol’ Days

    Eight-mhz processors and 1,200-baud modems had a few things going for them.
      “Eh? You kids and your fancy neuro-digital uplinks. Goshdarnit, back in my day we used our fingers to get on the web. We pounded keys and squeezed mice. Animal rights be damned, we liked it! And when the power went out, we’d boot up the old...
  • Home Work

    The operating systems of the future might even make computers easier for your parents.
      When I think about interface design, I think about my parents. My father is an engineer. One of my earliest memories is of him taking apart a remote-controlled Radio Shack tank, turning the controller into an ISA expansion card, and then writing a Basic...


The Good Ol’ Days Eight-mhz processors and 1,200-baud modems had a few things going for them. September 06, 2007

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