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Enrique Limón

Enrique Limón

Editor at Salt Lake City Weekly. Lover of sour candies.

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Dining Guide 2018 Dining Guide 2018 Salt Lake's Food Scene Is UNBELIEVABLE April 11, 2018
The Pizza Issue The Pizza Issue In crust we trust April 20, 2016
Dining Guide 2017 Dining Guide 2017 Up Your Food Game! April 19, 2017
Pub Flub Pub Flub Dive bar hopes to make peace with Polynesian community. February 24, 2016
He's Got a Feeling He's Got a Feeling Andrew Moncrief's art grapples with norms. February 03, 2016
The Prize The Prize So this is what it feels like to write one of these, huh? July 13, 2016

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  • ‘Simply Unacceptable’

    With a couple exceptions, Utah leaders decry SCOTUS Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling.
      Following Monday’s decision, Utah leaders issued statements and took to Twitter to express their reaction to the ruling.
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  • Pride Issue 2018

      The most fabulous issue of the year is here.
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  • Summer Guide 2018

    Make It Pop
      Our ode to the North Shore Monster and things fun in the sun in SLC.
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  • Dining Guide 2018

    Salt Lake's Food Scene Is UNBELIEVABLE
      Our yearly look at SLC's most out-of-this-world dishes is here!
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  • Sunset for Sears

    State Street outpost of once mighty chain closes for good.
      Empty shelves, half erect stands and scant clothing racks picked by shoppers on the hunt for a good deal were the scene at the downtown Sears on Sunday, Jan. 28.
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  • The Year In Photo Review

    Up close and personal with the moments, characters and protests that shaped 2017.
      Our yearly celebration of the images that defined 2017.
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  • 'I Believe in Community Involvement'

    Sim Gill responds to outcry following justified ruling in deadly Patrick Harmon shooting.
      Chants of "Fire Sim Gill" and "Sim Gill, let's be clear, cops committed murder here," joined "No justice, no peace" and "Whose streets? Our streets!"
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  • Patrick Harmon Body Cam Video Released

    Earlier, DA’s office called deadly shooting ‘legally justified'
      “I got ’em,” says the SLCPD officer who shot and killed 50-year-old Patrick Harmon during what Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown later referred to as “a routine stop.”
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  • Re: 'The State of Utah is Truly, Truly Exceptional'

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