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  • Cinnamon Shtick

    Paula Poundstone puts a little spice into an improvisational comedy style.
      In the world of comedy, Paula Poundstone is something of an icon. Known for her trademark vest and tie, as well as a natural improv style, she has enjoyed increasing success and fame over the past 25 years. Poundstone’s career longevity is especially...
  • Look, Ma—No Puppet!

    Crank Yanker Jim Florentine shows the face behind the prank-calling voice.
      In today’s “Do Not Call” legislated world, comedian Jim Florentine is an anomaly: He actually hopes to get calls from telemarketers.“It’s pretty sad when you wait for hours and hours for the phone to ring and when it finally...
  • Main Street Gambit

    Downtown chess tourney hopes to add urban feel.
      Power struggles on Salt Lake City’s Main Street are nothing new. But for once, they’re a welcome element. These new battles that can be fought and solved within 30 minutes, without involving the state Supreme Court or land swap deals.Welcome...
  • Black Celebration

    Goth culture comes together to celebrate art and music at the Dark Arts Festival.
      If you’ve ever wanted to see how the other, darker half of the city lives, the Dark Arts Festival might just be what you’re looking for.Six months in the making, this year’s Dark Arts Festival is a three-day bacchanal of dark music...
  • Mencia to Society

    Carlos Mencia rises from a stage fright debut to stand-up stardom.
      As a comedian, running out of material is one thing; drawing a complete blank and abruptly announcing your exit as you walk off stage three minutes into your routine is another. In the world of funny, bombing is a fate worse than death.However, for Carlos...
  • Gray Matters

      For more than two decades, Spalding Gray has been known as America’s “Talking Man.” Inspired by the tradition of Beat-era legends Ginsburg and Kerouac, he is an artist of the spoken word and master of the autobiographical monologue....
  • Sexy Strophe

    Erotic Poetry Night lets wordsmiths get jiggy.
      If you’re not baring your heart to a special someone this Valentine’s Day, why not bare your soul to a room full of strangers?The University of Utah’s free Coffeehouse Series Erotic Poetry Night falls on Feb. 14 this year. The date...
  • Emo’s Core

      By his own count, it’s been almost 12 years since veteran comedian Emo Philips has performed in Salt Lake City.“Let me check the restraining order again to be sure,” he explains in his singsong voice, reminiscent of Peter Brady at the...
  • Funny Grrl

      The Margaret Cho you see at Wiseguys this weekend will not be the same Margaret Cho who went through a celebrated career tailspin some years ago. Back in 1994, Cho saw her ABC sitcom All-American Girl cancelled after a dramatic, network-mandated 30-pound...

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