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  • The Dog in Winter

    For some, December is the cruelest month.
      I can’t say that I necessarily hate December, but it’s certainly not the happy time of the year, not for me and, I suspect, not for a lot of other people.
  • The Cool Factor

    Anything Pope Francis can do, Utahns can do better
      My colleagues in the Ministry of Truth down at Temple Square were having a collective fit at the latest breaking news out of the Vatican.
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  • Road Rage

    Cyclists pay more attention to spandex than street signs
      If there were a more universally despised segment of the citizenry than cyclists in spandex, I don’t know what it would be. Everyone has a story, or several, of encounters with lads attired in their form-fitting spandex cycling costumes.
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  • Schmuck it Up

    Swallow missed the chance for an image makeover
      A leopard can’t change its spots, and John Swallow can’t stop being a schmuck. That was evident in Mr. Swallow’s Nov. 21 resignation speech ...
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  • Dead Ball

    2013 heralds beginning of football’s end
      With all the recent controversies surrounding football—concussions, injuries, drugs, coaches collapsing on the sidelines, bullying, racism, suicides, an occasional murder, etc.
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  • Nephite Fight

    Campaign tell-all reveals LDS candidates' quirks.
      New Book: Aides Dissed Huntsman as “Lazy, Whiny Wuss.” —Headline in The Salt Lake Tribune, Nov. 4 It’s not all that flattering to be called a wuss, and a lazy, whiny one at that,
  • Lost Cause

    Utah's AG tries to find "missing" e-mails
      Where is the man with the double hearing aids now that John Swallow really needs him? You remember the man with the double hearing aids ...
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  • Like a Falling Stone

    Safety at Goblin Valley in hands of two lunkheads
      Dave Hall and Glenn Taylor, those madcap Boy Scout leaders, aka the Hoodoo Hoons, have been universally castigated ...
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  • Law & Order: LDS Unit

    Mormon twist in standard tale of murder and sex.
      You know you’ve got a great murder trial when the defense attorney asks a witness if the victim was wearing her garments.
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  • Power Failure

    One of the Three Nephites explains why LDS women don't have the priesthood
      If you happened to watch any of the news coverage last week of Mormon women trying to crash the all-male Priesthood Meeting at the Conference Center, you may have caught a glimpse of an elderly bystander.
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Sacred Shield Sacred Shield The Temple gets a Zion Curtain June 29, 2011

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