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  • Live: Music Picks Jan. 28-Feb.3

    Grizfolk, Dawes, Salt Lake City Songwriters Showcase and more
      Organized by Morgan Young of the band Triggers & Slips, the showcase features himself along with Daniel Young (The Hollering Pines, The Trappers), Ryan Tanner (The Lower Lights) and Paul Jacobsen (The Madison Arm, The Lower Lights).
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  • Pilot Program, 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche, Mr. Perfect

    Three new theater productions address unique romantic complications
      Melissa Leilani Larson's Pilot Program manages the tricky balance of being an "issue" play—dealing with polygamous marriage—while still being a poignant, accessible work unburdened with the specific issue itself.
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  • Furious Debate

    Two critics go head-to-head over their differing perspectives on the Fast & Furious series
      Scott Renshaw: As we approach what may or may not be the finale of this particular incarnation of the Fast & Furious series (review not available at press time), I wanted to try to wrap my head around why it's such a big deal to so many people.
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  • Insurgent

    Storytelling clutter gets in the way of the romantic star power of Insurgent
      The most interesting aspect of 2014's Divergent was its fundamental resistance to establishing its own story and world-building.
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  • The Last Five Years, Hellman v. McCarthy

    Two new local theater productions focus on combative relationships
      Utah Repertory Theatre Co.'s latest production brings local audiences a fabulous text: Jason Robert Brown's ingenious romantic musical dramedy The Last Five Years.
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  • McFarland, USA

    An inspirational true story finds the wrong focus in McFarland, USA
      In recent years—particularly in regard to the transformation of New York City's Times Square from a locus of iniquity into a tourist-friendly hub of consumerism—people tend to wield the word "Disneyfication" in a negative context.
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  • Oscar Nominations 2015

    City Weekly film contributors react to the Academy's choices, for good or ill
      Like many, I feared Marion Cotillard would be left out of the Best Actress field. She hasn't got a shot of winning for the remarkable Two Days, One Night, ...
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  • Sundance Film Festival 2015

    The films, the personalities, the inspirations, the books and even the apps of this year's festival
      The Sundance Film Festival draws filmmakers from all over the world. But this year, it’s also a showcase for directors with Utah roots.
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  • Time Stands Still, Alabama Story

    Two new theater productions struggle to overcome obstacles of timing and text
      It is a rule—and if it's not a written rule, it should be—that critics can't hold a work accountable for not being a thing the critic wanted it to be, rather than what it is.
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  • A Year With Frog & Toad, Peter & the Starcatcher

    Two holiday productions show the advantages of keeping it un-real
      It is tempting—particularly among the childless—to hold children to a higher standard of conduct than their capabilities permit.
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Pilot Program, 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche, Mr. Perfect Pilot Program, 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche, Mr. Perfect Three new theater productions address unique romantic complications April 15, 2015

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