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  • Playing the Hits

    Your source for weird news.
      Weird news is forever, but this is my last "News of the Weird" column, as I am now exhausted after almost 30 years in the racket.
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  • Friends for Rent

    Animals with affordable health care, an indecent epidemic, strange smugglers and more.
      Updates, recurring themes and other quirky news bits from around the globe.
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  • Too Far?

    Targeted ads, belligerent husbands, ghosting frogs and other weird news.
      the technology Google and Facebook use to identify potential customers of advertisements is "capable of targeting ads ... so narrow that they can pinpoint, say, Idaho residents in long-distance relationships who are contemplating buying a minivan."
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  • Inexplicable

    Why you shouldn't discourage your kids from picking their noses, and other updates.
  • Bless This Asparagus

    This week's news quirks include an asparagus-praising church, outrageously unfair laws and a criminal with a bearded dragon in her bra.
      His PSAs publicize tips for avoiding the police, such as saving child porn only on an external computer drive and hiding the drive securely.
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  • Breaking News (Rare Fetish!)

    News You Can Use.
      Jordan Haskins, 26, was sentenced to probation and sex counseling in May after pleading guilty to eight charges arising from two auto accidents in Saginaw, Mich.
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  • Pedestrian Calming

    News You Can Use.
      Officials in charge of a Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal heritage site recently installed "speed bumps."
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  • Sweet, Sweet Revenge

    News You Can Use.
      It is legal in China to sell electric "building shakers" whose primary purpose apparently is to wreak aural havoc on apartment-dwellers' unreasonably noisy neighbors.
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  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    News You Can Use.
      A San Francisco startup recently introduced a countertop gadget to squeeze fruit and vegetables for you so that your hands don't get sore.
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  • Mother of Invention

    News of the Weird: Recurring themes and updates on previous characters.
      Northwestern University researchers announced in March that its laboratory model of the “female reproductive system” has reached a milestone: its first menstrual period.
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Sweet, Sweet Revenge Sweet, Sweet Revenge News You Can Use. May 17, 2017

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