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  • Get Happy!

    Happy! brings the weirdness to Syfy; Fuller House further erodes 'Merica.
      The Only TV Column That Matters™ only needed to hear "from the creators of Crank" to be all-in for Happy! (series debut Wednesday, Dec. 6, Syfy).
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  • Available Jones

    Eight great achievements by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert during eight years in office.
      Took piles of campaign cash from Big Medical, Big Highway and Big Coal; insisted there would be no quid pro quo.
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  • Thanks for Nothin'

    Eight things you just don't want to hear from family this Thanksgiving.
      “Gather ’round the radio, kids! It’s almost time for The Best of InfoWars!”
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  • Rated Xmas

    Screw Thanksgiving—bring on the Christmas TV!
      Wasn't Turkey Day grand?
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  • Skull Candy

    The Punisher brings the brutality; Marvel's Runaways delivers the teen angst.
      After cutting down on episodic bloat with the eight-installment Defenders, Netflix is back in the overload business with The Punisher (series debut Friday, Nov. 17, Netflix), the latest 13-episode Marvel delivery from Hell's Kitchen.
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  • Justice League Assemble!

    Eight team members conveniently left out of the new Justice League movie.
      Karen from Accounting
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  • Tinfoil Hat-Trick

    Eight possible headlines (spot the wacky, Ocho-fied fakes!)
      'Womens Day' in Salt Lake Has Strong Ties to Communist Movement.
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  • Dyn-o-Mite!

    Maria Bamford drops more 'Lady Dynamite' and 'Ill Behaviour' puts the can-do in cancer.
      Still sounds good, still feels right.
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  • Rebootie Call

    S.W.A.T. is more of the same ol' CBS; Shameless and SMILF spice Sundays.
      Need more proof that broadcast television is out of ideas?
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  • Time to Kill

    8 ways to spend that extra hour when Daylight Saving Time ends.
      Watch a whole episode of "Fox & Friends" and realize futility of life.
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