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  • Road of Ruin

    Activist Kathy Justice brought attention to Utah’s deadly Highway 6. Is it a safer drive today?
    • Mile Marker 181: Fatal. Kathy Justice heard about Trever Tuttle’s white Ford Ranger drifting across the center lane in Spanish Fork Canyon, killing him instantly. She learned his death left four small children without a daddy; that his casket...
  • Monumental Concern

    Would San Rafael National Monument save or destroy the region?
    • The New Year was already feeling like an old injury to some citizens of picturesque Emery County. Flared by the cold and wet, like an injury, it was a reminder of the better times that had come before it. Residents of this sparse, east central Utah county...
  • Pushing Past the Pain

    Is giving birth at home safer than at a hospital? Midwives offer alternatives.
    • With all the Olympics hype, presidential pomp and battleground nerves, it’s no wonder that Charles Black thought there was an explosion. But terrorism comes in small, inert packages, too. Even on Valentine’s Day.It was 1:30 a.m. when Black...
  • Zen in Zion

    Local Zen Master shows people of all faiths how to liberate themselves from suffering.
    • Traditions change every time they enter new cultures. Take the tradition of naming a baby. Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi’s parents started with a good American name, Dennis. They attached it to a good Jewish name, Merzel. And they left it at that. Who...
  • Going Native

    Seeking the lifestyle of ancient hunters and gatherers brings a new generation of survivalists back to nature.
    • At the entrance of a Food Town grocery store in a tiny Southern Utah community hangs a hand-printed sign that says, “No shirt, no shoes, no pants, no service.” No pants? But it has happened. A man named David Holladay once walked into the...

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