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  • High Fidel(io)ity

    Beethoven birthed the punk attitude. Fidelio is his only opera.
      In today’s alt-rock-saturated consumer culture, so-called “rebellion” is sold easily as stock. And it’s a pretty callow sight, too: Marilyn Manson makes a spectacle of Satanism, one of rock’s most tired clichés, then...
  • Gateway Meets RDA

      If you want to know the landscape, listen to the people who live there. That was part of the message recently during a public hearing at City Hall concerning blight in the proposed Gateway Project area. If enough substandard conditions, better-known as...
  • Street Ready

    Utah Arts Festival street performers forsake the stage for the sidewalk.
      Cast your mind back to this same time last year. Thanks to light-rail construction, Main Street was a blasted-out shell—an alien avenue. The highway system, or lack of one, fared no better. Like the circulatory system of someone in bad need of a...
  • Arts & Entertainment - 99 -

    Henna designs herald a more feminine, less painful alternative to tattoos.
      Parents fainted. Legislators tried to put age limits on it. And professional illustrators raked in the cash. We’re talking, of course, about tattoos, the epidermal art that made twentysomething skin the canvas of the ’90s. But like every fad,...
  • Open For Business: Putting a Positive Spin On Pioneer Park

      Score one for drug dealers and their loyal customers: Three months after the removal of barricades along its north side, Pioneer Park has emerged once more as a drive-up shopping center for wild and crazy substances. Now for the good news: The drug activity...
  • Midsummer Night’s Strings

    When the temperature rises, the Utah Symphony spreads its wings.
      Try being all things to everyone, the old saw goes, and you become nothing for no one. Count on the Utah Symphony to put that cliché to rest. Then again, they have a large cast helping them out this summer season. It’s that time of year when...
  • Right and Right

      After finally getting around to viewing Napoleon Dynamite at the local theater—yes, I am the spittin’ image of him, just as Music & TV Editor Bill Frost maintained during my brief absence—the only other event I’m looking forward...
  • Arts & Entertainment - The Rapture

      It’s a party on television, better known as a music video. MC Flexx, known to his mother as Adrian Jefferson, is dressed in a white suit and carrying a cane. Friends with Jackson Five Afro wigs are all over the place on roller skates. Some are spinning—of...


Canvas of Fear Stalked and eventually murdered, Valarie Martinez painted what she could not express to anyone else. June 11, 2007
Tit for Tat Is the Beehive State Big Enough for Two Feuding Bikini Teams? June 11, 2007

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