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  • Prosecutions and Porn

    Don’t rage over Utah’s involvement in the U.S. attorneys’ scandal. Rage at the scandal itself.
    • Reading the first stories about the Dec. 7 firings of eight U.S. attorneys by United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, my reaction was jaded. So what if the White House wanted to expand its executive power by getting rid of some federal attorneys...
  • Britney’s Baghdad

    Body count aside, we’ve got Britney to lead us through Iraq.
    • With more than $500 billion spent, 3,218 U.S. casualites and tens of thousands more Iraqi dead (but who’s counting them, really?), perhaps the best way to measure the Iraq war is through the eyes of a pop star. Let’s recall Spears’...
  • Fortress America

    It’s time to own up to our failure in Iraq and take refugees in.
    • One of the most prominent right-wing arguments for the United States’ March 2003 invasion of Iraq, heard from our own U.S. Sen. Bob Bennett to virtually every right-wing radio host, was that it was “better to fight the terrorists over there...
  • Mitt’s Aneurysm

    A flip-flopping Republican presidential candidate meets an acid-tongued columnist under the banner of “faggot.”
    • There are more than a few articulate conservative commentators the Conservative Political Action Conference could have associated itself with during its annual gathering in the nation’s capital last week. Thankfully, for those who want a Democratic...
  • A Cut Below

    Give the Legislature credit for funding education this year, but not too much credit.
    • One of my most perplexing memories as a child was driving shotgun with my father as we crossed state lines from Utah into Wyoming.“Feel that?” my father asked as we passed the “Welcome to Wyoming” sign. “The state income...
  • Sulejman’s Reasons

    Even if Sulejman Talovic killed five people for Islam, what then?
    • As the dark shadow of the Trolley Square killings recedes, one of the many tragedies it spawned is that we don’t talk about the lives and accomplishments of those murdered in cold blood. Jeffrey Walker, Vanessa Quinn, Kirsten Hinckley, Brad Frantz...
  • Darwin’s Day

    If Americans got a day of rest on Feb. 12, maybe we’d give evolution more credit.
    • It’s well known that Americans work more hours and get less vacation time than any other comparable industrial nation. We’re lucky to get 10 days of vacation time per year, while the Europeans luxuriate in an average 35 vacation days, not...
  • “V” for Vendetta

    Vouchers may not be the best alternative, but let’s see if they work.
    • The white-hot school voucher debate has everything that makes the heads of even the most diehard public-policy wonks hurt. nnWe’ve got a dizzying array of statistical studies and analyses, arm-twisting lobbyists, and boatloads of emotion. We’ve...
  • Same Old Bomb

    Divine Strake must be stopped, but so must our current policies regarding nuclear nonproliferation.
    • Of all the famous passages from Richard Rhodes’ Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Making of the Atomic Bomb, one in particular stands out. British physicist James Chadwick won the 1935 Nobel Prize in physics for his discovery of the neutron, an...
  • Gehry Time

    Forget the question of why Lehi got the Gehry project and Salt Lake City didn’t. Let’s just celebrate.
    • There are two general rules about the discussion of architecture: First, be careful when bringing up the topic of your favorite local building. This will bore to tears those uninterested in architecture, or puzzle people who’ll think you’re...


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