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  • Midsummer Night’s Strings

    When the temperature rises, the Utah Symphony spreads its wings.
      Try being all things to everyone, the old saw goes, and you become nothing for no one. Count on the Utah Symphony to put that cliché to rest. Then again, they have a large cast helping them out this summer season. It’s that time of year when...
  • Urban Art Guerrillas

    Borrowed Walls mix art forms in space and time. Won’t you lend them your mind?
      It was an ambush of aesthetics—a hijacking of the moment. And, admittedly, it was pretty cool. Minutes ago, whole groups were quietly sauntering their way through a west-side art exhibit during the monthly Gallery Stroll. Now they are standing outside,...
  • The Plame Game

      In case you didn’t know by now, Karl Rove began his political career in Salt Lake City as chair of the University of Utah’s College Republicans in 1973 and 1974. And who would have ever guessed that, after dropping out of the University of...
  • Open For Business: Putting a Positive Spin On Pioneer Park

      Score one for drug dealers and their loyal customers: Three months after the removal of barricades along its north side, Pioneer Park has emerged once more as a drive-up shopping center for wild and crazy substances. Now for the good news: The drug activity...
  • Arts & Entertainment - The Rapture

      It’s a party on television, better known as a music video. MC Flexx, known to his mother as Adrian Jefferson, is dressed in a white suit and carrying a cane. Friends with Jackson Five Afro wigs are all over the place on roller skates. Some are spinning—of...
  • Sound in Spirit

    For the Calvary Baptist Church choirs, music is worship.
      Ushers wearing white gloves cordially guide you to a pew. At the back of the Calvary Baptist Chruch, a soundman works the knobs of a P.A. system. An electric bassist, pianist and organist play a coordinated riff. Behind them, the church’s men’s...
  • High Fidel(io)ity

    Beethoven birthed the punk attitude. Fidelio is his only opera.
      In today’s alt-rock-saturated consumer culture, so-called “rebellion” is sold easily as stock. And it’s a pretty callow sight, too: Marilyn Manson makes a spectacle of Satanism, one of rock’s most tired clichés, then...
  • Arts & Entertainment - W.i.g. Is the Word

      There’s nothing quite like reading a fiery letter from a magazine spurned. Just days after City Weekly ran a sidebar on women’s web sites, partner to a cover story on young feminists Twisted Sisters, Kathleen Gasperini put her hands to the...


True Believer A fabled portion of The Book of Mormon made a one-time believer of Christine Marie. The author says he only gave her what she was looking for. June 11, 2007

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