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  • Fulton’s Quarter Column of “Faith-Based” Musings

      Don’t let anyone tell you that last week they couldn’t see a raging steam seep from the cracks of the LDS Church Office Building. The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision jettisoning LDS Church restrictions on Main Street Plaza...
  • Shadowlands

    Young adults struggle against becoming homeless adults.
      Daylight weakens over the foliage and shadows stretch across thick autumn colors, camouflaging an irresolute, 22-year-old man. Weights tumble across Anthony Lawson’s mind while he measures his motives for coming to this strange sanctuary. Taufer...
  • Orientation Express

    Is Evergreen’s reparative therapy program a ticket to Straightville?
      FlashbackThe metal chair was aggravating me. I squirmed in my hard seat but tried to look comfortable. I scanned this group of men seated beside me in a circle. I felt uneasy but tried to be engaging. I wasn’t sure if I belonged here.This was...
  • Is the mystery man a mole?

      Call it intuition, a sixth sense or just fashion sense. When a camouflage-clad, eco-sabotage book-toting man who appeared to be in his late 30s approached teenage activist Jeremy Parkin at a Utah Anim
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Shadowlands Young adults struggle against becoming homeless adults. June 11, 2007

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