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  • I Heart Consent

      Personal bias aside, I find it troubling to exist in a world where people think consent isn't sexy.
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  • Back to the Street

      Then Xennials began their careers, only to discover the female-friendly world they were sold didn't always function as advertised.
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  • Crafting Culture

    Dispelling the myth women don't like beer.
      It's no secret times are a-changin' in the quirky, green Jell-O-loving state we all call home.
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  • Summer in the City

    On valuing the simplicity of free-spirited fun.
      From childhood through our adult years, summer embodies the time of year when our lives just feel lighter.
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  • Safety First

      The conversation is far from over. Opponents and politicians would be wise to start showing up to the conversation prepared to listen.
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  • #PayMe

      In my early 20s, there were five movies in rotation as my go-to bedtime stories.
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  • Hoopla and Hearts

    Reflecting on Meh-lentines Day
      By the time I hit my teens, my emotions surrounding Valentine's Day could be summed up one word.
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  • Not Home for the Holidays

    Trying to remain cheery and bright in the afermath of loss.
      Throughout Utah, hundreds of individuals will not return home for the holidays.
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  • Trickle-down Manners

    The closing-night ballet crowd is the worst.
      The other night, while out and about on a mission for an art experience to feed my soul, I arrived at an unexpected realization ...
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  • Grand Gestures

      Will sharing Columbus Day help Utah's Native Americans to feel heard and have their history known?
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