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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Quaratine Pet Questionnaire.

Posted By on April 29, 2020, 1:52 PM

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Copy and paste with you answers and attach a photo of your pet and send it to dcarlisle@cityweekly.net

Answer these through the voice of your animal
(Photo must be sent to be published)
Please include bread/sex/name/species
Pick at least five to answer or give them all a response.

1. Name a few odd/strange behavoirs your human has been exhibiting lately.

2. Complete this sentence: "I wish my human would leave so that I could __________"

3. The craziest TV show my humans are glued to is ___________________.

4. Here's the thought bubble for my photo I'm sending: __________________________

5. My Tinder profile would read as follows: ______________________________.

6. Hump, lick, kill? (kiss, marry, kill)

7. When they put on their mask, my human looks like __________________

8. Tastiest leftovers from when your human tried to cook?

9. The butt I wish I could smell is?

10. Dog park you miss the most?

11. Number of times I've been featured in social media since my humans started staying at home and filming my every move: _________
(The one that had the most views was of me doing what?)

12. Raddest trick I've learned /obstacle course I've mastered /hike I've crushed

13. Make up your own question and answer it.

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