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Friday, September 17, 2021

Music Update Sept. 17

Pony Logan's "Cowboy Country Club," September 12 Minutes Max

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Pony Logan Releases Cowboy Country Club
Just like
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 on his last release, 2020’s Big Sky, Pony Logan is back with more country experimentation, with perhaps a touch less autotune this time around though. On Cowboy Country Club, which came out Sept. 13, Pony Logan plays more with tongue-in-cheek country music attitude as a way to tell not-so-country stories—leaning into lackadaisical-ness more than anything else. There are also odes to macho figures outside the country realm, but who very much exude outlaw energy, or who posture that way anyways—namely, “TONY SOPRANO,” who Pony Logan sings sadly about, how “everybody’s on my back.” Other songs like “BITTERSWEET” nod to Toby Keith and Drake, pulling them into the song because Pony Logan says he feels like them, but also by sampling some of their most famous lines (“How do you like me now?!”) For a while, too, the slow gently bobbling pace of the neo country album feels like the hyperpop influence is dropped here, until “BOOGYDOWN” comes on with I think what could be called a fat, busted, bouncing low down bass beat to back a song about getting rowdy, with some whisky of course. Altogether, it’s a pleasant listen, and when you pay attention to the lyrics, a humorous one too. It’s nice to see another album like this from Pony Logan, and here’s to hoping he keeps going with it.

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September 12 Minutes Max
On Sunday, Sept. 19, the Salt Lake City Public Library will host another one of their online virtual events, 12 Minutes Max. A once a month occasion, they’ve been going strong on the online version of the short arts exhibition all pandemic long. This time around they’ve got quite the lineup. For music, there’s Jesse Nicholas Quebbeman-Turley  (pictured) and Stuart Wheeler doing a fast and loose, make-it-up-as-they-go-along duet, featuring a harpsichord and Quebbeman-Turley’s recent obsession with Dolly Parton’s "9 to 5." Before the music goes on, there will be a film by the University of Utah MFA Film Production student Parker Rawlins, Here Lies, which explores grief through the lens of science-fiction. Eugene Tachinni will also present a video, of a performance art piece called Border, which was shot between Price and Green River, Utah and is part of the Utah Sites: Performance Art in Utah Landscapes curation from the Utah Division of Arts & Museums. Tune into the performances at 2 p.m. on Sunday by going to

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