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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Joint Session

Speaker Hughes, Prop 2 supporters talk cannabis, compromise and the church.
Members of the public questioned Hughes, Utah Patients Coalition (UPC) Director DJ Schanz and Libertas Institute President Connor Boyack for two hours.

Comedy preview: The Lucas Bros.

Comedians Keith and Kenny Lucas—who perform together as The Lucas Bros.—visit Wiseguys Gateway this weekend with their unique, often-deadpan mix of observational humor, pop-culture gags and social commentary. They spoke by phone with City Weekly ahead of their visit.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Music Monday 10/29

Carl Broemel, Scarlxrd, Shecock, SuperBubble, Goo Goo Dolls, GLOE and more.
Fans of Kentucky Southern-rock shape-shifters My Morning Jacket can rejoice: multi-instrumentalist Carl Broemel performs tonight, Monday, Oct. 29 at The State Room, while frontman Jim James appears next Monday, Nov. 5 at The Commonwealth Room. Last month, Broemel released a divine solo album, Wished Out, which he recorded and produced in his home studio.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Movie Reviews: Hunter Killer, Johnny English Strikes Again, Mid90s

The Happy Prince, All About Nina
The pre-Halloween weekend offers mostly minor releases, including a submarine thriller, the return of a bumbling British super-spy and a nostalgic tale of 1990s skate punks. The coming-of-age drama Mid90s manages individual effective scenes that never add up to an actual movie.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Very Special Session

Guv says it’s possible to get medical cannabis up and running in Utah, despite the fact reaching a compromise has long proved difficult for state lawmakers.
Gov. Gary Herbert dismissed the idea that legislators would be unable to cooperate in a post-midterms special session to reach a compromise on medical cannabis and create a workable, functioning system for dispensing and acquiring the drug in Utah. “Not only are they skeptical, but they’re cynical, and that probably is just part of a group in society that are always cynical about anything and everything,” Herbert said of the doubters.

Fast Times at Capitol High

State Democratic lawmakers ask for public input on medical cannabis and the ballot initiative that could legalize it
“I’m not seriously ill, but I am a criminal,” Linda Johnson told Utah Democrat state senators and representatives Wednesday night. Recounting her experience with medical cannabis, Johnson explained how she supplied her arthritic neighbors at a local retirement community with a THC and CBD balm to ease the pain of their deteriorating joints.

Monday, October 22, 2018

No Love Lost

Ben McAdams and Mia Love duke it out in their first and only debate before the midterms.
McAdams closed out the night by pledging to represent Utahns, not special issues, and to work with Republicans to address crucial issues facing the district, state and country.

Music Monday: Jay Warren, Hobo Johnson, Bob Weir and more

Local R&B musician Jay Warren dropped another single off his forthcoming debut full-length album.

Theater Review: Pygmalion Theatre Co.'s "Tigers Be Still"

Dramedy proves better at finding laughs than seriousness in emotionally wounded people
We might have reached an awkward but necessary cultural moment in terms of the representation of mental illness in art: It's clear that certain notions that were acceptable in the past just won't play any more, but it's far less clear what is acceptable. When can we be invited to laugh at symptoms of depression?

Friday, October 19, 2018

Movie Reviews: Halloween, The Hate U Give, The Oath, Free Solo, Tea With the Dames

Scary stuff like institutional racism, rope-free mountain-climbing and masked killer Michael Myers is on the menu for a late October weekend in local theaters. The documentary Free Solo proves breathtaking not just in capturing daredevil mountain-climbing, but in crafting a fascinating character study.

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