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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Maple Mountain Brewing Co.

Chatting about the first brewery to hit Provo in decades.
Provo: The last place in the state (next to Hildale) where you'd expect to find a brewery of any kind pop up. In fact, there hasn't been a proper brewery of any stripe in the city since the Nestler Brewing Company went under in 1904.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Synapop Studio

Glassworks and letter pressing from the Millcreek-based artist.
Recently, amid the series of outdoor festivals and events, was the annual Millcreek Festival—a chance for the Millcreek Business Association to showcase the artists in their area and give residents a chance to see art made by their neighbors. Among the artists at this year's event was Synapop Studios, the company name for the artwork of Melinda Frewin, who has created awesome glassworks for years, and print works that are all made on an old-school press.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Tribune Editor Orme Leaves Paper

Former Trib Talk producer Napier-Pearce to take over.
Paul Huntsman, Jon Huntsman Sr., Terry Orme, Jennifer Napier-Pearce

Local Releases: Freeing Grey Spirits At Dusk

Brand new music from Fictionist, The Solarists, Grey Glass, Dusk Raps and more
This weekend is going to be hot, figuratively and literally, as we have four release shows on a weekend in the triple digits. Before we get to those, we have some fantastic albums that were digitally released this week, so peruse the catalog below, then read up on the shows you should be attending this weekend.

Movie Reviews: Bad Moms, Nerve, Cafe Society, Jason Bourne,

Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Life Animated
July wraps up with summer action, raunchy comedy and indie entries with a Sundance 2016 pedigree. Woody Allen's latest melancholy period piece, Café Society  (pictured), offers an uneven but acidic look at what people can lose of their souls while pursuing superficial success.

Half & Half Skate and Snow

A chat with the owner of what's becoming SLC's most popular skate shop.
Ever since The Shred Shed was forced to vacate its comfy, awesome home on Exchange Place, the former music venue was looking like an empty hole on what was becoming a revitalized side street in downtown SLC. Earlier this year, the long vacancy was filled with one of the best possible additions to the area we've seen in a while: a skate shop.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

SLC Buys 305 Acres for Open Space

Purchases exhaust last of open space bond passed in 2003.
Using watershed and open space protection funds, Salt Lake City on Thursday announced it had purchased two chunks of land in the city’s foothills for $1.4 million. The land, totaling 305 acres, includes a 144.8 acre parcel directly north of Ensign Peak and a second parcel of 160 acres along a ridge above City Creek Canyon.

The Pipeline: It's Fine, Everything's Just Fine In We Happy Few

Finding various types of joy in this survival game's early release.
Nothing says "dystopia" quite like watching the world around you turn into some kind of ugly conformity that you simply  cannot stomach. Its the classic setup for any video game where everything seems to be "you vs. the world."

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nomad Network

Exploring the S-Line creative space in Sugar House
Salt Lake City has always been home to unique spaces utilized for the arts. There are a dozen different locations that have come and gone over the years, many who are still in business to this day, giving creative individuals space away from their day job and home life where they can sit down and hammer out great works, all while being surrounded by fellow artists as an inspiration.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Pipeline: Mercenary Life Gets Rough In 8Days

A reminder that old-school shooters can be hard!
Drop-down games are always a blast—and when they're shooters, it feels a little extra urgent. Something about these games always takes me back to titles like the original Metal Gear, where you have a clear understanding that your death is going to send you straight back to the start, and all your progress will have meant nothing.

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