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Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Meal: Ma-po Tofu

Ever since I encountered it years ago in New York's Chinatown, ma po tofu (or "homestyle" tofu) has been one of my favorite Szechuan dishes. This version, if I do say so myself, is better than you'll find in most local Chinese restaurants.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday Meal: Cajun Shrimp Poppers

The hit of this year's Super Bowl (but they're great any time) at our house was one of my favorite finger foods: Cajun-seasoned fried shrimp poppers. I advise using small shrimp (crawfish tails also work great). 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

In The Loop: Happy Drunksday To Me!

Cool events for you to check out from May 1-14.
Hello to all you cake-baking, gift-wrapping, gift card-purchasing, shot-ordering, holy-hell-I'm-celebrating-something enthusiasts! By the time you read this, my birthday will have already come and gone.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Donut Come for Her

Drag star Kim Chi brings 'blood, confrontation' to Metro Bar
When drag performer Kim Chi entered the set of Logo's RuPaul’s Drag Race, her tagline set the tone for what has proven to be one of the most memorable runs of the current season: “I came to chopsuey the competition!” Second to none when it comes to beating a face and coming up with insta-couture for the the show’s various runway challenges, Kim Chi is enjoying the sudden spotlight.

Movie Reviews: Mother's Day, Keanu, The First Monday in May, Green Room, Ratchet & Clank

From kid stuff to stuff very not for kids to stuff that really shouldn't be for anybody, it's a varied weekend at local theaters before "Summer Movie Season" officially kicks off next week. Garry Marshall continues his pseudo-franchise of holiday-themed ensemble comedies with Mother's Day, a wretchedly unfunny collection of clumsy storytelling and jaw-dropping bad judgment.

Local Releases: Getting Wicked With Austin Cross This Weekend

Brand new albums from The Weekenders, Austin Cross, Bancho and more.
It may be gloomy as hell outside half the time, but April is coming to an end with the showers, and raining down local albums for you to listen to. First, we have some online releases to add to your digital discography, then below we have a pair of weekend shows for you to check out.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Paper Plunderer

The case of the vanishing newspapers in downtown Salt Lake City.
City Weekly's hard-working circulation manager is none other than Larry Carter. Carter and his crew are the industrious souls you observe every Wednesday and Thursday carrying bundles of papers around town and dutifully filling City Weekly's street boxes with fresh copies of the latest edition.

Scammers targeting grandparents of LDS missionaries

As scams go, this sounds almost painfully logical.  A scam artist called grandparents of a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to inform them that their beloved grandchild had got him or herself into a jam—namely a DUI—and needed to get bailed out.

Big Expectations For Next Salt Lake Gaming Con

A preview of things to come as the con prepares for June.
This morning Salt Lake Gaming Con held their first press conference this morning at the Jordan Commons Megaplex Theater in Sandy to announce their plans moving forward into into the 2016 convention, running June 2-4. Convention organizers Jake Williams and Kye Browning went over the bigger details, among the biggest being that the majority of the gaming tournaments will be free-to-enter—meaning most gamers will be able to play multiple tournaments for no more than the cost of the ticket. 

Somer Ahonen

Covering artistic and boudoir shots from the Sandy photographer.
Local photography is starting to see a resurgence. After a couple years of occasional solo shows and many well-known names either doing one-off sessions or taking part in group exhibitions, we're seeing some familiar faces pop back up and a new batch of creative shutterbugs coming out of the work.

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