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Friday, February 5, 2016

Local Releases: January Recap & Looking Forward

A look back at the library already out in 2016.

Posted By on February 5, 2016, 12:00 PM

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Hey, kids! You may have noticed that I took a bit of a vacation from reporting on local album releases after the new year. However, that doesn't mean I wasn't keeping track. Below you can find a complete list of all the releases I know of that were released during January (and some of February) 2016. I highly recommend you check out each one, and discover some of the awesome local music that isliterally at your fingertips for listening and purchase if you so choose. Click the band name to go to their Bandcamp or website for more information. Once you're done browsing that list, join me near the bottom for info on release shows in February.

click to enlarge star_wolf.jpg

Generous Drugs - Happy New Year, My Love
T.E.V. - Underwater Crystal Caves
Starwolf - Self-Titled
Call of Madness - The Agony of Creation (EP)
X&G - Anomalies

click to enlarge joshysoul.jpg

Drauszen - Vlačg’ Znuvo
Joshy Soul - Vintage Dreamin'
The Happy Homeless - Foam (EP)
Hot House West - Self-Titled (EP)
Jet Draws Giants - The Release

click to enlarge vcr5.jpg

Josh & Ian - Mystery Adventure Island (EP)
Seven Feathers Rainwater - New Wig
Tom Bennett - Live In Colorado
Broken Darkness - Emotions (EP)

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Neu LakeOceans. Canyons. Unknown.
Halfway Winds - Self-Titled (EP)
Transform Jupiter - The Will of Jafar
Moonlight Microsystems - Artemis (EP)
A Way To Survive - At Sea

click to enlarge birdhell.jpg

The Happy Homeless - AntiFoam (EP) 
Cam Run - Make Out Love Songs (EP)
Wolf Nunley - leiðindi
Matthew Allred - Timing > Phrase
Beach Cops - BIRDHELL (EP)

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Eucci - On Verdant Shores
Erasole James - No Time For Era (EP)
ProvokeThe Calm Before (EP)
nonnonHouse of Jealous Ushers
Sequestered Keep - The Oldest Realm

click to enlarge jae.jpg

Braeyden Jae / AMULETS - Slowly Promised / Absence Of Color (split EP)
Fubaka - Ansturian (EP)
Will Baxter - Believe
Jay Cirtus - Lucid Dreams
Dealin' In Dirt - Plenty Of Room For Trunk Space

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Hive Riot - Self-Titled
Starmy - Heart Beat Breaks Hearts
The Avenues - Self-Titled
J.M.P. - Bad Habits (EP)
Socialists - Tierra O Muerte

click to enlarge your_meteor.jpg

My Private Island - Self-Titled
Sequence - Just For Fun
Wearing Thin - Fake Amends
Your Meteor - Byzantium
Wing & Claw - Self-Titled (vinyl)

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Stage Clear - Stars
Jacket Weather - Everything
Atrium - Cloudless
Psmashio - The Mandrake
TMMC - Fangs of The Universe

On to the release shows. We only have one tonight: at Kilby Court, the release show for Doris Day. This is a five-piece indie punk band out of SLC; you might recognize some of the members from the band DateNight. They released their EP No Complaints earlier this week on Bandcamp, but this is the official physical release for the band. You can pick up a copy at the show as they play with Uncle Dirt, Wicked Bears, Redsleeves and Pop Warner. Tickets are just $6 and the music kicks off at 7 p.m.

click to enlarge doris_day.jpg

Love music, head out, buy local.

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