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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Local Releases: Five Week March To New Year's

Brand new music from Angel Magic, Candy's River House, Soft Limbs and more.

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We took some time off for the holiday last week, but we’re back in the thick of things as we look over the remaining albums of 2016. We’ll start with the online releases, and the first on the list comes from Angel Magic. This is one of the cool artists on the Hel Audio label, the act features Andrew Aguilera (Mooninite, Moonlets) and the amazing ethereal singing of Lauren Smith. We actually had an awesome release from them a few months ago called 2012-2015, but this new album titled Fall Through is purely brand new material. You can snag a download for $5 or a cassette copy for $6 via the label's Bandcamp page.

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While we're on the topic of electronica, we have a new album from Teledrone. This is a solo project from SLC musician J.T. Gibby; it's primarily been online for over a year now with a short demo and an EP to his name. This brand new EP titled Kiss is just three songs (with some guitar accompaniment from Damien Dykstra), has some cool tones to it, feels more dark wave and alternative than pop. You can buy it for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.

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Another EP that popped out this past week comes to us from Chris Crabb. If the name doesn't jump out immediately to you, you might recognize a couple of his projects, as Crabb serves as the singer for The Str!ke and The Dance Doctors. This solo EP titled i4Ni is pure pop and sounds like something you'd be hearing on the radio in 1985 from a soul singer, mixed in with modern tech that feels like M83 had a hand in the background tunes. You can download the album for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.

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While we're talking about pop and electronic music, we have a new album from Lifeless Drive. This is an EMD/dubstep project from a Kaysville musician named M. Ryan Palmer, who already had two full-length albums and an EP under his belt over the past year. His latest release is called Life Or Death, mixing slow head bobbing tracks with faster-paced grooves that will make you dance. You can download a copy of the album for $7 on Bandcamp.

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Moving into rock, we have the latest from SLC punk rock band Windex. Taking up residence on the City Of Dis label, the band are a mixture of noisecore, crust punk and speed rock. The guitars sound like they've been dragged through the mud and tuned with a screwdriver, giving it a harder edge than some you'd find the in same genres. You can grab their debut EP, Drink The Blue, for whatever you want to pay on the label's Bandcamp.

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Going to alternative, we have the debut EP from SLC-based band No Sun. This is one that kind of crept up on us, a five-piece "depressive alternative" group who sound like their instruments were all dunked in water before hitting the stage, it's a pretty cool sound they've got going for them. I highly recommend checking out their debut EP, Warm, which you can buy for whatever you'd like on Bandcamp.

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More alternative for you, we have the latest from Citizen Hypocrisy. I won't touch on this much, as this is basically a live album recorded at The Royal a few months back, so the bulk of what you're listening to has already been released. But if you're into the band, or you're into live albums, this is probably your jam. You can download it for $5 on Bandcamp.

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Next up is a split cassette between two local bands, MONOL!TH and God Walk. The former is the work of a couple musicians who have gone out of their way to be anonymous, and the later being the solo project of SLC-based musician Noah Jackson. MONOL!TH tends to go for more of the material instrumental while God Walk brings in more noise and sound effects to their work. The two have decided to tag-team a self-titled split cassette on the brand new Utah-based label, GYM. You can download the album for $4 or purchased a physical copy for $5 on the label's Bandcamp page.

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Next up is the latest from Passive Tourist, an experimental dance/pop project from SLC musician Michael Fuchs. The man mixes various audio tracks together on a pedal board with a keyboard to make some awesome tracks for him to sing over, making him a one-man army of music wherever he goes. Inadequacy marks the man's first full-length album, which you can download for $7 on Bandcamp

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On a more acoustic note, we have the latest from The Winterless North, a solo project of SLC musician Paul Merck. A brand new project in the most literal sense, Merck has had no live shows or public appearances of any kind. The bulk of his work is from online recordings, most of which was recorded in SLC and Anchorage, Alaska. Those recordings have been turned into a full-length album called Land Of Fire, which you can download for a whole $3 on his Bandcamp page.

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To wrap up the online releases, we have a more festive release from Swoody Records. This is a compilation album of holiday tracks from both current artists on the label and other performers who agreed to allow their music onto the record. The list includes SLFM, Danger Button, Computer Class, Jonna, Let's Become Actors, Patrik Eriksson and more. You can download the comp for a whole $5 on Bandcamp.

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Getting to release shows, on Monday we'll have a new album from Soft Limbs! This is the alternative duo of Alex Duran and Curtis Pettygrove, who have been making an awesome name for themselves over the past year. Earlier this year they released the EP Major St. Sessions, and will now be following that up with a full-length album called Small Village Rumors. You can snag a copy at Diabolical Records this Monday as they play their release show with Muzzle Tung and Sally Yoo! The show is totally free to attend and starts at 8 p.m.

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Finally, on Wednesday, Dec. 9, we'll see the latest from Candy’s River House. The trio of Jordan Young, Joey Davis and Nathan Simpson have been together for nearly five years now, they've become a staple of live shows and festivals with their own style of bluesy rock. The band already have an EP under their belt from 2013 called Stolen in the Middle of the Night, and are finally releasing their first full-length album titled Another Night. You can pick up a copy this Wednesday at Urban Lounge, as the band plays with The Weekenders and Crook & The Bluff. The show is free to attend and music starts at 9 p.m.


Head out, love music, but local!

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