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Friday, November 20, 2015

Rally Set to Protest LDS Church's Stance on Children of Gay Couples

A rally in protest of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' declaration on forbidding most children of gay parents from partaking in church ceremonies and activities is taking place Saturday at the State Capitol. The event is the latest in a string of protests over the church's stand, which became public two weeks ago and has infuriated members of the church as well as equal-rights advocates. 

Salty Block Pictures

Making feature films and music videos with the SLC production company
The local film scene has been relatively quiet for most of 2015—some in production working on projects yet to see the light of day, others running quietly with a lack of local film festivals and other annual shenanigans to keep filmmakers busy. But there are those still producing material in various other projects to keep their company running, and helping out those who need some kind of professional work for their material.

Local Releases: Experimental Isn't Bad, It's The Unknown.

Brand new music from Fisch Loops, Towards Chaos, Canopy Canvas and more.
We've got a good mix of online albums for you to check out this weekend, many of which are coming off the beaten path of genres. The release shows are taking a break this weekend, but more are on the way.

Movie Reviews: Mockingjay Part 2, The Night Before, Room, Spotlight

The Hunger Games series concludes, boyhood pals try to grow up on Christmas Eve, and a couple of awards contenders emerge in local theaters ahead of Thanksgiving week. Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie enjoy an amusing boys' night out on Christmas Eve in The Night Before, but the story about learning to move on in life ends up making immaturity look a lot more entertaining than adulthood.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Outlaw Distillery

Tasting the sweet spirits coming from the Sandy distillery.
With the amount of distilleries and breweries popping up all around the valley, it's getting difficult to keep up—both in knowledge and imbibing. But there's plenty of booze to go around and plenty of time to cover ti all, so we'll do our best to let you know of awesome things as they flow through the boulevard.

Wine Wednesday: German Riesling

In the autumn, when we’re beginning to feel a slight chill in the air, that’s when I return to Riesling. Not that it doesn’t serve as a perfectly good spring and summer wine – or, all-year-round wine, for that matter – it’s just that Riesling seems to work so well with fall flavors and dishes like grilled brats, choucroute garni, schnitzel, späetzle and the like.

Warm & Cozy

It's my season! I love autumn.
There's nothing that makes The Shop Girl perk up like sweater weather! Bring on the blazers, jackets and coats—but makes sure your house looks as good as you do. Is there anything cozier than piling on the blankets and nesting in bed or on the couch?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Biskupski Wins Salt Lake City Mayor's Race

Former State Legislator Becomes City's First Gay Mayor; Ousts Two-Term Incumbent Becker
Jackie Biskupski officially became Salt Lake City mayor on Tuesday, taking the next step in a trailblazing political career that saw her become the first openly gay state legislator, and will now give here the same distinction as mayor of the capital city. Biskupski beat two-term incumbent Ralph Becker by just over 3 percent, or 1,194 votes.

A Big Harry Deal

Utah prosecutor Troy Rawlings investigates U.S. Senator Harry Reid
In what is emerging as a titanic struggle between Utah and the federal government, a local prosecutor has confirmed he is investigating a U.S. Senator in Washington D.C. In response to emailed questions, Davis County District Attorney Troy Rawlings confirmed to City Weekly that he is investigating U.S. Senator Harry Reid, D-Nevada, as part of his office's prosecution of former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff on corruption charges.

$1.4 million Mayor's Race Sparks Review

SLC Council to Take on Campaign Finance Reform
By 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Salt Lake City will find out who its mayor is going to be for the next four years, and statistical probability holds that Jackie Biskupski, who, on election night two weeks ago, was beating Mayor Ralph Becker by nearly 5 percentage points, will hold on to win. That one of these two candidates will be named the winner, though, is just the warm-up for a discussion scheduled for the 7 p.m. council meeting on tweaking the city’s campaign finance rules.

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