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Friday, September 4, 2015

Local Releases: Instrumental Noisecore is a Must

New local music from Star Fissure, Clay, Stag Hare and more.

Posted By on September 4, 2015, 7:48 AM

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As we enter September, there are, shockingly, no release shows scheduled this weekend—at least, that we know of. However, we have a stockpile of remaining albums from last month that we should discuss, and you might find a few of these pretty cool. We'll start with a brand new album from Gates of Nocturne, the instrumental electro-hardcore project from musician Ian Fordham. A lot of the albums he turns out are pretty cool but tend to fly under the radar of most seeking out something new. He's released five EPs or full-length albums over the past two years, the last from December 2014 being the full-length Dead But Dreaming. His latest EP, Taxonomy, is a mix of harder techno and slower ballad-like compositions. You can download it for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.

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While we're talking about instrumental music, let's switch over to ambient tones as we hear the latest from Star Fissure. This is a project from Provo-based musician David Maxwell, who has been making dark drone music for roughly a year. He's had three EPs up to this point, and Charred will mark his fourth, featuring six tracks that go from being serene to apocalyptic. You can download it for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.

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Another instrumental EP out this week comes to us from SLC-based beat producer Clay. This guy has actually had two really cool albums out already: 2013's Building Blocks and 2013's Fishy Fingers, both utilizing 8- and 16-bit samples along with his own blend of ambient noise. He has returned with another cool album called Grasshopper, featuring bouncy upbeat tracks in the same style. You can download the eight-track album for #5 on Bandcamp.

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While we're talking about instrumental, we might as well get to the new Stag Hare album. The solo project of Zara Biggs-Garrick has more of a drone/psychedelic mix to it, they actually have several albums to their name going back over 8 years. Their latest addition to the catalog is Vessel - Part One: Pulse Cocoon, a single track that bends and weaves into various forms, sounding like several songs blended together over a period of time that sustains for a single track. Even though this album is one track, I'm calling it a full-length album, because what the hell else am I going to call a single track that runs for 50 minutes? You can download the album for just $1 on Bandcamp.

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Switching down to hip hop from Provo, we have the debut album from Bust A Kap. This is a rapping band made up of Patrick Phinney, Kevin Johnson, and Andrew Jensen, doing more old-school takes on the genre with a comedic spin. I don't believe the band is looking to be taken any more serious beyond that, but they're worth a listen, even if it isn't your thing. You can download a copy of their debut album, Street Level Up, for $5 on Bandcamp.

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While we're looking at a somewhat comedic album, we have the latest from The Delphic Quorum. This is another three-piece band from Provo, this one featuring Glen Goss, Matt Gholdston, and Adam Bean, who create a dark folk avant-garde kind of sound. They've been around for about seven years, currently on Dreggs Records and releasing material through Escape Goat Records. Their latest album is a seven-track EP titled Cerebral Sphincter Syphon, featuring some great instrumentation and some okay lyrics when they decide to sing. You can download it for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.

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Going to harder music, we have the latest from SLC band Eye Single. This is a progressive metal band comprised of Greg Ballard, Paul Ferguson, and Tandy Whitaker, who have been playing together as a group for under a year. They don't have many shows to their name in that time, but they've already got a debut full-length album called What Is A Man. There are times the music is really good, but then takes a shift into a different genre of metal, and sometimes doesn't seem to know what it wants to sound like. But for a first attempt it's pretty good. You can download a copy fo the album for $7 on Bandcamp.

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Finally, rounding out this list, we have the latest release from City Of Dis. This one is a self-titled split cassette between Deborah Downer and Apprehension. Downer. The Downer side is fast-paced and very noisecore and took me back to days of moshing in the basement of Red Light Books when they were the place to see punk shows. The Apprehension side is dirty and has a fastcore side to it, like if the band Revolt were sped up on your player. If you're into punk or crust, this is a must-listen. You can download it online for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.

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Love music, head out, buy local.

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