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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Alty News: Greeks Seek Alternatives to Austerity; Clinton Campaign Goes on Offensive Against Bernie Sanders

Posted By on July 7, 2015, 10:53 AM

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Greece's struggles against austerity continue, challenging the European Union since if the country's banks run out of money, it could mean a state leaving the euro for the first time since it was launched in 1999.

Top of the Alty World

"A Europe of Equals": Report from Athens as Greek Voters Seek Alternatives to Austerity—Democracy Now!

While Hollywood big studios lobbied the State Department it built free home theaters for U.S. embassies.—ProPublica

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign now considers Bernie Sanders threatening enough to attack.—The Atlantic

South Carolina senate votes to remove confederate flag from statehouse grounds.—BuzzFeed

Top of Alty Utah

Jackie Biskupski has begun to outraise Becker in campaign donations but Becker still has more cash on hand.—Utah Policy

FBI has nixes Utah's background check law on undocumented immigrants.—Salt Lake City Weekly

Salt Lake City Council candidate for downtown, Nate Salazar, talks community and urban development.—SL City News

Despite staunch opposition to same-sex marriage the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated to the Utah Pride Center for the first time.—Salt Lake City Weekly


Sen. Jim Dabakis, D-Salt Lake City, calls for Utah to bite the bullet and expand Medicaid.

Utah, quit stalling. Take full Medicaid Expansion. ‘The Gang of Six’ Republicans (Gov Herbert, Lt Gov Cox, Senate President Niederhauser, House Speaker Hughes, Senator Shiozawa and Rep Dunnigan) are deciding who will live and who will die. They are negotiating on whether the state should accept Medicaid Expansion–or not. They are taking their sweet time. The Medicaid Expansion decision is the biggest single issue to face the state in a generation and our state seems paralyzed, unable to make a decision.

The reason this is taking so long is not because this is a tough call. 73% of Utahns agree–Utah should take the Expansion. But the politics are tricky. The right wing of the Utah GOP is adamant–NO to Obama healthcare for low income folks. So the conundrum –do what’s right and alienate the most active part of the Utah GOP or stall and delay. So far delay is winning.—Utah Politico Hub

The Long View

Salt Lake City Weekly takes a look at how a militia leader gets made in Utah.

Stephen Dean doesn't look like a typical militia member. He looks like he might be going to the annual hippie Rainbow Gathering (that he said he wanted to attend) rather than running firing drills in the desert. It's unclear how many recruits are in the People's United Mobile Armed Services. When asked, Dean merely points to the group's Facebook page, which has a little more than 200 "likes." Also, Dean—under the name "Captain Wanderlust"—appears to be the only one posting to the page.

Anyway, patriot groups are thriving in the country. The Southern Poverty Law Center recorded more than 1,000 groups in 2013, including 240 militias, organized to oppose the so-called New World Order. Today, acronyms are cheap. Back at Dee's Restaurant, Dean explains how he decided in 2014 to run for sheriff in Millard County. (While not allowed to carry a firearm, a felon can be sheriff in Utah).

"That's mostly just to rock the boat," Dean says about his write-in candidacy. Although he does plan to campaign—to "stir things up," to "get my message out." His message? That catch-all charge of corruption: corruption of the police, the prosecutors and the politicians. But especially corruption at the local level, he explains—and, most especially, corruption in the town of Delta, Utah (population 3,500).—Salt Lake City Weekly

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