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Friday, January 9, 2015

Alty News: FBI Investigating Domestic Terrorism in Colorado; Orrin Hatch to play Major Role in Fight Over Benefits for the Disabled

Posted By on January 9, 2015, 10:24 AM

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FBI Investigators Are Looking at the Bombing of a Colorado Office of the NAACP as a Possible Hate Crime and as an Act of Domestic Terrorism

Top of the Alty World

"FBI Probes NAACP Office Bombing in Colorado as Act of Domestic Terrorism"—Democracy Now!

Nissan and NASA are teaming up to build self-driving vehicles for earth and space.—Wired

President Obama has made a preview message advertising a program to fund two years of free community college for some students.—The Root

From coast to coast, states are normalizing marijuana and making progress toward ending the disastrous war on drugs.—Rolling Stone

Top of Alty Utah

A poll shows that a plan to convert diesel buses to natural gas has wide-ranging support in Utah.—Utah Policy

A lawmaker is looking to undo some of the effects of "Distracted Driver" legislation passed last year.—Utah Political Capitol

A Democrat in the state house believes this will be the year his colleagues agree to place caps on the amount of money individuals and special interests can donate to candidates in campaigns.—Salt Lake City Weekly

Orrin Hatch will have a pivotal role in an upcoming debate about Social Security benefits for people with disabilities.—Utah Poverty News


Slate argues that Charlie Hebdo is a bastion of free speech, and is also racist.

But their work featuring Mohammed could be sophomoric and racist. Not all of it; a cover image of the prophet about to be beheaded by a witless ISIS thug was trenchant commentary on how little Islamic radicalism has to do with the religion itself. But often, the cartoonists simply rendered Islam’s founder as a hook-nosed wretch straight out of Edward Said’s nightmares, seemingly for no purpose beyond antagonizing Muslims who, rightly or wrongly, believe that depicting Mohammed at all is blasphemous.

This, in a country where Muslims are a poor and harassed minority, maligned by a growing nationalist movement that has used liberal values like secularism and free speech to cloak garden-variety xenophobia. France is the place, remember, where the concept of free expression has failed to stop politicians from banning headscarves and burqas

The Long View

ProPublica analyzes data to show that drug manufacturers spend the most money promoting drugs that aren't breakthrough pharmaceuticals, but ones that they believe can take over existing drug markets.

For more than five decades, the blood thinner Coumadin was the only option for millions of patients at risk for life-threatening blood clots. But now, a furious battle is underway among the makers of three newer competitors for the prescription pads of doctors across the country.

The manufacturers of these drugs — Pradaxa, Xarelto and Eliquis — have been wooing physicians in part by paying for meals, promotional speeches, consulting gigs and educational gifts. In the last five months of 2013, the companies spent nearly $19.4 million on doctors and teaching hospitals, according to ProPublica's analysis of federal data released last fall

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