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Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Shred Shed Is Moving

A chat with Jesse Cassar about the all-ages venue's future

Posted By on November 27, 2014, 2:00 PM

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The latest news to come out of the SLC musical rumor mill is that the Shred Shed is closing down. On the contrary, the venue has been thriving as an all-ages hotspot on Exchange place for over two years. But recent matters have come up which have forced the ownership to take a look at their options and decide what's best for both the venue and the public. Today we chat with Jesse Cassar about the recent developments to the Shed, what he intends to do and the future plans for the venue. (All pictures courtesy of The Shred Shed.)

Jesse Cassar

Gavin: Hey Jesse! First off, how have you been since the last interview?

Jesse: Gavin my friend, I have been great! I still eat a ton of pizza, listen to Refused every day, pay my bills late and I became a funk DJ! Loom is no longer jamming, but I'm very proud to say that all five of us are very productive. Mike runs an amazing non-profit called AFLA, Goose and John are touring the solar system with their band Norma Jean, and Josh is opening Este Pizza Park City literally any second now.

Gavin: The Shred Shed has been an awesome success. How has your time been running it so far?

Jesse: Thank you! The time has truly flown by, we've hosted nearly 600 shows, 30 art shows, received some great press and have won several awards since opening the second location! I've got an incredible team these days and I couldn't have done this much without them.

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Gavin: What have been your favorite shows so far during your run on Exchange Place?

Jesse: Great question. The Reign Of Kindo is the coolest band on the planet. He Is Legend on Halloween last year was real tight. Having DJ Abilities was an honor. The Chariot and Norma Jean were both amazing. The Warlocks, The Queers, Insight's reunion, Burning Love, Circle Takes The Square, The Soil and The Sun, Real Friends, From Indian Lakes, Into it. Over it, A Great Big Pile Of Leaves and Night Verses to name a couple. Look all those bands up people!

Gavin: Getting right to it, the rumor mill has been running about a closure, but that's not the case. What led to the Shred Shed being relocated?

Jesse: Yes, lots of rumors! So, we are not closing at all. We are growing. I absolutely love my current location, but there are some things about it that make it difficult to grow a business there. First, the building is very old which has incredible charm, yes, but also can because for many issues (leaky roof, poor insulation, lots of upkeep). Second, we don't have the space if we wanted to expand, and we do want to. Third, having a live music venue in the middle of any city has many perks, but it also has its downfalls! For example, parking in the middle of a city can be very uncool. And with day-time businesses all around that means we can never do early sound checks or band practices at all.


Gavin: I know that there's some other stuff happening behind the scenes. What can you tell us?

Jesse: Well, we do have a neighbor that has started complaining a whole bunch as of late and it has gotten to the point of the health dept hassling me. About what you ask? There is a law in SLC where every music venue must be below 70 DBP at the front door (which is really, really quiet). This has definitely helped me make my decision of moving sooner, rather than later.

Gavin: What made you decide to relocate the venue rather than close up shop?

Jesse: I was actually planning on re-locating in the late spring, but since winter is my slow season anyway, it made sense to work on a new spot right now. The last few years have been badass and we're stoked to see this thing grow! SLC still has a need for some great venues and with Burt's closing we don't want to see anything else go. We will just be in a transition and booking our shows at venues around town under our production team, " Soma."


Gavin: What's going to happen with the shows you had booked out and what do you have left on the calendar?

Jesse: My team and I have been working our dicks off to move all of our shows. We have not been able to move every single one and have, unfortunately, canceled a couple. Like I mentioned before, we don't have too many shows this time of year to begin with though. Be sure to check our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Gavin: Do you have an idea of where you're headed to, or at least where you'd like the venue to end up going?

Jesse: Downtown, but with no neighbors and not a 100-year-old building. To be honest, I am being a lot more picky this time around. After doing this already, this next one will be the end all. By far the coolest one yet and one of the coolest venues in town. Maybe we'll get the old Zephyr building? You never know.


Gavin: Considering all the red tape you went through before, what new issues will you be working with for the relocation?

Jesse: Not very many new ones, I learned a whole shit-ton the last time around. It comes down to zoning and hammering some nails, we're pros at this point! I think just getting the word out of the new space will take time alone.

Gavin: Is there anything the public can do you help you out during this transition?

Jesse: Just keep kicking ass, people of the earth! Read more Eckhart Tolle, Carl Sagan, and Douglas Adams. Oh, and please follow us all over the internet. #TheRealRevolution

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