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Friday, September 5, 2014

Local Releases: A Fall Baker's Dozen

Posted By on September 5, 2014, 12:30 PM

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Holy hell, you guys, we have a baker's dozen of local albums to get to today, a mixture of late August releases and new material from the first week of September. First up is the band Amorous, a five-piece death metal band from Provo who have been kicking around since 2012. I saw these guys once in passing at a Shred Shed show and was blown away by the lead singer's vocals, which is saying something when you've got a band of this force blaring through the speakers. Amorous' debut self-titled EP came out a couple of weeks ago, and you can snag it now for $7 on Bandcamp.

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While we're talking metal, Salt Lake City group Alumni just released a brand new EP. This awesome six-piece had a powerful debut EP last year called Zoo, which catapulted them into the spotlight when they started playing gigs around the same time. The new EP, called Decohesion, sounds heavier than Alumni's last album and shows some progression in their song structure, which makes the album flow. You can download this one for $5 on Bandcamp.

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Switching to more alternative, SLC band Never Before have a brand new album out. These guys have been around since 2007 and, if you were to take a side-by-side photo of when they first started and now, you'd barely recognize them as the same group. Even their music style has morphed over the years to have more of a metal edge to be almost radio rock. Their new EP, The Dreamer And the Dream, came out yesterday, and you can download it for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.

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Moving onto electronica, we have the debut album from Doctor, Doctor. The duo are actually keeping their identites a secret, which is kinda cool, knowing that there is actually a band-like entity behind the music, and not just a single guy producing it. In reality, Doctor, Doctor are two members of Porch Lights (see further down) who are making some fun music without it being a formal side project. You can download their self-titled EP for free on Bandcamp.

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Ego Slouch is an electronica/synth producer from Kaysville. The man just barely started releasing his own music, with a demo called Bullets of Saliva he put out in August. This full-length, titled Slime, is his first official album, which kinda sounds like dance music put through a rusty speaker. Some will dig it and some will think it's trash, but either way, you can decide how much it's worth as you can get it for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.

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Next up is a compilation album from local label Hel Audio. We've written about the label before and the awesome work founder Karl Jørgensen has been doing, so it's no surprise that they'd have a beefy roster in such a short amount of time to put together this kind of release. Industry features a little something from everyone including Ben Best, Mooninite, Vistaas, Utah Acid Crew, Orem Owls, Jordan Swain, Cerci and more. There are various purchasing options on the label's Bandcamp page from digital to physical cassette with gifts. It's worth checking out.

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Moving over to folk music, we have something new from The Peaces. This four-piece folk band from Vernal is comprised of Landon, Brigham & Gio Manwaring and Dakota Mecham. The group haven't been together long and haven't had many shows beyond their hometown, but their music is solid and very fitting for the fall. You can download their debut EP, Where Spirits Grow, for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.

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Going the acoustic route, we have a new album from D&M. This project is comprised of SLC musicians Danielle Plester and Miles Biddulph, utilizing more of their voices with light guitar work to create a unique kind of harmonized alt/folk sound. The duo's first album, A Lucky Patch Of Sun, came out in December 2012, and earned them some radio play on KRCL, but the two didn't capitalize much on the exposure after. This new album, appropriately titled The Second Album, was recorded demo-style with the two of them doing a single take in a makeshift studio. You can download it off Bandcamp for whatever you'd like to pay.

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While we're in the alternative category, we have the debut album from Maer. This is a pretty cool band comprised of Kyler Slater, Stockton Bermingham, Brecken Jones and Mark Swink, who have more of an alt/indie sound to their guitars and vocals that sounds really cool in a live setting. Their debut EP, Orchids, was recorded by Golden Sun's Jantzen Meier, giving it an alternative feel without sounding too much like a pop album. You can download it for whatever you'd like to pay for it on Bandcamp.

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Next up is the latest from musician Nick Neihart, who you might recognize from a number of SLC bands, including The Pentagraham Crackers. As a solo artist he's had some pretty killer albums, including his last album, Songs Made of Salt, released back in June 2011. He put together this quirky but cool album called Love Poems, featuring Dave Payne (Red Bennies) on drums and saxophone with Andy Cvar (Muzzle Tung) providing the synth. You can download the EP for free on his Bandcamp page.

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Speaking of solo projects, we have the debut album from Violet Helm. The North Carolina transplant came to Utah a couple of years ago, playing around Utah County as a folk singer/songwriter. Her debut album, Tide, was put together over at Audio West by Adam Kaiser, and it sounds absolutely gorgeous. The album includes help from local musicians Garrett Williams, Stephanie Nielsen and Lauren Harrison, adding more dimension to her body of work than just Helm on a guitar with a mic. You can download it for $9 off her Bandcamp.

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Moving onto release shows, we have two happening Saturday night. The first being from Provo indie rockers Static Waves. I won't need to write much on these guys as City Weekly's music editor, Kolbie Stonehocker, already gave them a brief shout-out in this week's issue. I'll just say their self-titled album sounds pretty damn dancy, with lots of pop influence behind their sound, which is far broader than their last EP. You can snag a copy of the album and see them perform at Muse Music Cafe with Drew Rindlisbacher and Violet Waves tomorrow night. Tickets are $7 and the show starts around 8:30 p.m.


Meanwhile up north, we'll see the debut release from Porch Lights. Again, I won't need to say much, as Stonehocker wrote these guys up as well this week, but I will say this is a very beautiful folk album that deserves a listen. You can get a copy of their debut album, Caverns, and see them live at a house show in Provo (900 Terrace Drive) as they perform with Brady Parks (of The National Parks) and Sun House. The show is totally free and starts at 7:30 p.m.

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Love music, head out, buy local.

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