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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mark Shurtleff Makes Appearance at Liquor Commission; Two Club Licenses Dispensed

A pair of coveted club liquor licenses were handed out Tuesday at the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control liquor commission meeting and a report showed that Utahns sipped, gulped and chugged $3.1 million more in alcoholic beverages in the first two months of this fiscal year than in 2013. But this news was overshadowed by the presence of former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who appeared on behalf of his new company, Now Neutraceuticals, which is hoping to produce a line of inhaling devices that can dispense such drugs as caffeine, nicotine, sleep aids and appetite inhibitors.

A former Imagine Dragons member is selling his bass on KSL

How much would you pay for a guitar pick from Neon Trees? How about one of Donny Osmond's socks?

New Tunes Tuesday: Luke Winslow-King, Lucinda Williams, Prince

Greetings, music fans. This week, I'm really digging Everlasting Arms, the new album from New Orleans singer-songwriter Luke Winslow-King.

TV Tonight: Selfie, Manhattan Love Story, Sons of Anarchy

What’s new on the tube tonight:

At the age of 64, George Thorogood is still bad to the bone and he's playing at The Depot tonight

Dear GYA, Just because I get a senior discount when I eat lunch at Cracker Barrel doesn't mean I'm not "bad to the bone." Oh, I'm "bad to the bone," baby.

Alty News: Koch Industries Goes After Rolling Stone and Utah's Rowdy Climate Activists

While the natural gas boom has been lauded for being a cleaner coal alternative, the rub is that natural gas is primarily methane a chemical which has a much stronger warming effect on the climate than carbon dioxide. [jump]

Repertory Dance Theatre: Portal

As the 2014-15 performing arts season begins, the dance community is starting to showcase what this year is all about. Ririe-Woodbury's Fall Season, debuted last week, and now Repertory Dance Theatre will take over the Rose Wagner Center for Portal, which will run from Oct. 2 to 4.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Trey Burke's penis almost ruined Utah Jazz media day

Trey Burke, Utah Jazz point guard and guy who got sued for making fun of people on Instagram, retired from Twitter Monday morning in a fiery blaze after pictures of his tallywhacker were leaked on the internet, which was great timing considering that today was Utah Jazz media day.  Some Twitter users initially believed that Trey Burke was trending because of a possible trade, but it turns out it was just because of his penis ... which he took multiple pictures of ... for some terrible reason.

TV Tonight: I Heart Radio Music Festival, NCIS:LA, Castle

What’s new on the tube tonight:

That lady who voiced Smurfette will be at EnergySolutions tonight

Dear GYA, I'm considering checking out that lady who voiced Smurfette in those Smurf movies tonight at EnergySolutions Arena. But I'm wondering, will she be doing any smurf-related material?

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